How much Pilates is enough?

One of the most common questions about starting Pilates that we are asked at our New York City studio is “How often should I do Pilates?”  While frequency of Pilates workouts depends on current fitness level, motivation, ability to devote time to working out, and the other activities that in which one participates, we strongly suggest that to start a Pilates regime, you need to do Pilates at least two times a week for it to be effective.  Learning Pilates is similar to learning a new language, and if there are 6 days between your Pilates lessons, you can easily forget what you’ve learned in the previous lesson!  As proper Pilates form is the key to gaining fantastic results from Pilates workouts, taking the time when you’re starting out to learn the technique with a couple of lessons a week will better guarantee that you will start seeing the trademark signs of a Pilates body in no time:  flat abs, great posture, toned arms, and lean legs!


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