Get the most out of The Hundreds at any level!

We featured the Hundreds in our Pilates on Fifth/UltimatePilatesWorkouts video podcast (Episode 01) .  When we get questions about Pilates training and technique, questions about the Hundreds often come up.  If you are new to Pilates, you might be wondering what it’s all about.  Well, the goal of the Hundreds is to challenge abdominal endurance, specifically the Transversus Abdominis and obliques.  The objective is to keep the abdominal muscles flat (which is the REAL secret to flat abs) while keeping the head and shoulders off the mat and the legs extended on a diagonal.  While doing this, keep your belly-button pulled in tight and your spine and pelvis supported.  But if you can’t do The Hundreds with your legs straight without losing your abdominal connection, don’t fret!  There are many way to make The Hundreds easier… we can help!  Here are ways to make Hundreds more do-able.  Try these when you’re doing one of our FREE Pilates workouts online!
1)      Keep the knees bent
2)      Keep the legs down
3)      Keep the head down
4)      Keep the head and legs down
5)      Don’t do all 100 counts!!  Why not start at 50, or even 30, and then increase from there?

What should you do if your neck starts to hurt more than your abs doing Hundreds?? Then try modification #3.  If your lower back starts to hurt, try modification #1 or #2.   If you start out great, and then can’t seem to keep it all together, then try modification #5.  Remember, Rome was not built in a day!  Doing even a portion of The Hundreds every day will get you on your way to stronger abs, a flatter tummy, and better posture!


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