Tips for newcomers (and not so much newcomers) to Pilates

Our one tip for beginners is start at the beginning! We have so many clients come into our Manhattan Pilates studio, Pilates on Fifth and say “I’m advanced.” We say, “great! How long have you been doing Pilates?” The client usually responds, “well, I’ve never done Pilates before, but I’m really strong and I find the beginner classes too easy.” We find that you have to think about Pilates this way: if you decide to start Karate, Tae Kwon Do or any of the martial arts, do you think the master would allow you to progress to a green or blue belt just because you tell him you’re strong? Of course not! Everyone starts as a white belt. From there, some people progress through the ranks faster than others because they ARE strong, but everyone starts at the beginning, because learning the proper technique is important. Pilates is the same in this sense.

You almost have to approach learning Pilates as you would approach learning a new language. If you speak English and you’re in Japan, your current language isn’t “wrong”, it just doesn’t work in the country you’re in. The same goes with Pilates!! Pilates has a special technique of its own. You may feel like you’re doing Pilates “wrong” (please not the quotes), when in fact your body just needs to get accustomed to the technique. If you’re moving and breathing, you’re off to a great start!!! Everything else will fall in line. In the beginning, even the intention of doing the Pilates exercises with proper Pilates technique will get all your muscles working as they should be for Pilates, bringing you one lesson closer to flat abs and long, lean, sculpted muscles.

As any Pilates fan or advanced Pilates practicioner will tell you, if you start at the beginning, learn the technique and learn to do it right from the start, you can actually get a GREAT workout from a beginning class. We recall our days on tour, only being able to take whatever ballet class was available and sometimes having to settle for a beginning class. But you know what? The beginning classes are a great opportunity to focus on working deeply and GREAT technique. It is the thought and intention you put into every move that makes Pilates a great workout! Proper Pilates technique is undoubtedly the secret to the amazing results it yields!


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