New York City’s Pilates Studio

At Pilates on Fifth, we are both firmly rooted in Pilates’ admirable past and actively taking part in developing its future. It may come as a surprise to our clients who have only recently heard of Pilates, but this exercise technique is nearly 100 years old. Pilates was developed in England during WWI by a German national named Joseph Pilates. In the many decades since its creation, Pilates has been used by professional dancers, like Martha Graham and George Balanchine, as well as professional athletes of every stripe. Pilates is also very popular with fitness-savvy people looking for an extraordinary workout.

The instructors who teach at Pilates on Fifth are Pilates experts. They understand anatomy and biomechanics, are fully certified, and are highly experienced in using all the equipment, small exercise pieces, and so on. They have great respect for Pilates’ rich history.

On the other hand, we also have our eyes turned toward Pilates’ future. This attitude helps distinguish us as one of the most innovative NYC Pilates studios today. We believe that our proprietary exercise system, CARDIOLATES®, is one of the most exciting things to happen in Pilates since its creation.

Here at Pilates on Fifth, we really listen to our clients. One of the things our clients kept telling us is that they wished their Pilates workouts could also provide a cardiovascular workout. With this goal in mind, Pilates on Fifth owners Katherine and Kimberly Corp developed CARDIOLATES®, a fun, challenging discipline that combines heart-pumping cardio with lengthening, strengthening Pilates.

We also understand that our clients have busy lives and cannot always make it into the studio. That’s why we launched “Ultimate Pilates Workouts!” ( Ultimate Pilates Workouts brings the fundamental awareness of the body and comprehensive instruction we value at Pilates on Fifth to the convenience of your own home! With new workouts added on a regular basis, Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers a wide range of fun, full-length Pilates workouts for all levels! And, it’s free to join! Enjoy a variety of Pilates mat, small equipment, and specialty workouts for free! Free Pilates online! With unlimited access! You can also infuse Pilates reformer, cadillac, chair, and barrel workouts into your Ultimate Pilates Workouts repertoire! We’ve also taken the notable Pilates Academy International training program to Ultimate Pilates Workouts, offering our members the opportunity to download specific exercises complete with demonstration and thorough instruction. Ultimate Pilates Workouts is the product of our exeperiences with our fabulous clientele at Pilates on Fifth, inspiring a series of workouts tailored to individuals with injuries, pregnancy, lower back pain, seniors, athletes, dancers, and the everyday Pilates enthusiasts alike!

Join Ultimate Pilates Workouts today to pick out the workout series best for you by visiting! Or come visit us at our Manhattan studio, Pilates on Fifth! We’re located at 501 Fifth Avenue on the 22nd Floor. Visit to check out our ongoing class schedule or to schedule your own custom private today! And, don’t forget to spice up your workout with some cardio, with our CARDIOLATES® program!

We look forward to meeting you!


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