Free Pilates Workouts Online

Free workouts online have become incredibly popular in the last few years, but it’s surprising to realize that free pilates workouts online really haven’t existed until recently.  Of course you can find 10 minutes of a Pilates mat routine on youtube, but if you want to do a full length Pilates workout online, you’re hard pressed to find it.  The longest online free Pilates workout we were able to find was 22 minutes!!

We’ve owned and operated our New York Pilates Studio, Pilates on Fifth, for almost 9 years now, and trained hundreds of students through our Pilates certification program, The Pilates Academy International, and yet we still wanted a way to reach the masses…. The millions of Pilates practitioners across the US who love to do Pilates at home or do Pilates DVDs.

Then, we started our Pilates podcasts.  While these were still not free workouts online, they did (and still do) offer clear, concise Pilates instruction for each and every Pilates mat exercise.  To our delight, the response from the Pilates community was so favorable that we knew we had to find a way to create a website to offer free Pilates workouts online, and thus launched in October 2008.

Now, Pilates mat classes in NYC can be enjoyed by everyone with a computer with our free online Pilates workouts.  Whether you’re a professional to dancers to a senior citizen, the benefits of Pilates mat classes are remarkable. Because Pilates works on the “powerhouse”–the core muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and lower back–it dramatically affects the posture. Clients who regularly take Pilates privates and mat classes at Pilates on Fifth often notice that they look taller and feel much more comfortable in their own skin.  …And now we bring our New York Pilates studio straight to your living room!

Pilates also improves spinal health. It strengthens the muscles which surround the spine in a way that is completely safe. Pilates mat classes help prevent injuries while creating muscle tone and flexibility. The fluid motions and breath work which are part of Pilates are great for relieving tension, too. Clients who regularly take Pilates have longer, stronger muscles, better posture, reduced tension, and an overall sense of vitality and relief from pain.

So, visit and pick the subscription package that’s right for you!  And remember, Basic membership is really free!!  Really!


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