Spice up your Pilates with the Stability Ball and more!

Our New York City stability ball workouts are great for balance. You’ll work the deep muscles of your abdominals just by staying balanced on your over-sized stability ball. We find that these workouts are much more effective than working on abdominal strength and balance separately. Endless situps and simple balancing exercises quickly grow dull. Stability ball workouts, on the other hand, are lively, interesting, and playful, as well as physically challenging. Have a stability ball at home? Try our “Get on the Ball! Stability Ball Workout” on Ultimate Pilates Workouts! Need to purchase a stability ball? In addition to the DVD, you can also purchase a stability ball specfic to your height and needs on our website! What about a Magic Circle? Or, stretch band? We offer Pilates Magic Circle (aka Pilates Ring) and stretch band DVD’s for your at home Pilates, as well! Check our our “Sculpt and Shape Pilates Ring” and “Tighten and Tone Stretch Band” DVD workouts today! Perfect for all levels!

We look forward to bringing quality Pilates workouts to the convenience of your own home! Visit www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com to browse through our extensive and inexpensive Pilates DVD library today!


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