Top 10 Reasons Pilates on 5th clients love ACTIVCORE®

So, after two wonderful weeks of ActivCore® integration at Pilates on Fifth, we thought that we would survey our clients and see what they had to say about it.

For starters, everyone “loves it”! Because the same comments kept popping up over and over, we’ve compiled our own Top Ten List…. TOP TEN COMMENTS WE HEAR ABOUT ACTIVCORE®:

10. “Wow! I really feel my core!”

9. “It’s so intense!”

8. “I didn’t know I had those muscles!”

7. “It’s like my lower back pain just dissolved”!

6. “I can feel myself getting stronger!”

5. “It’s so intense!”

4. “Why am I shaking after only 4 reps?”

3. “I’ve never felt my inner thighs work like this!”

2. “I feel like it’s correcting all my bad habits!”

1. It’s so intense!”

And there you have it. With one system, you get a core strengthening, ab flattening, muscle targeting, inner thigh shaping, lower back pain relieving, super-intense workout. Who could ask for anything more?


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