On January 23, Katherine and Kimberly Corp taught a four hour Pilates Stability Ball workshop at Pilates on Fifth. The Stability Ball Workshop I features exercises from Tiers 1-3 of the full PAI Pilates Stability Ball repertoire. We had about 18 Pilates professionals representing 6-7 studios from all over the northeast attend, and it was a huge success!

The attendees were from various corners of the Pilates world.  Many of the participants were introduced to Pilates on Fifth and the Pilates Academy International curricula for the first time, while many of the students have progressed through the body of PAI Pilates certification courses and workshops.  All in all, the participants learned over 60 exercises on the stability ball, not only adapted from classical Pilates exercises, but also created through a fusion of core strengthening and sports conditioning regimes.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and Katherine and Kimberly are working on Pilates Stability Ball Workshop II, which will feature PAI Exercises Tiers 3-5 and take Workshop I to the next level!  Until then, try our Get on the Ball! at for a great total body experience with core strength, Pilates, and the stability ball.


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