Pilates Academy International’s Corps Physique Workshop

Katherine and Kimberly Corp held their first “CORPS PHYSIQUE -Pilates Mat Extras” Workshop at Pilates on Fifth on November 14, 2008. Corps (pronounced “core”, like marine corps…) Physique features over 80 variations, spin-offs and creative augmentations of classical Pilates exercises, with some core conditioning moves thrown into the mix as well. All in all, the Corps Physique Pilates mat exercises can put more power into your Pilates!

The Corps Physique workshop is the newest addition to the Pilates Academy International workshop repertiore and was developed in our endeavors to create a more well-rounded Pilates class and keep clients satisfied and coming back for more! Many of the new Pilates mat extra exercises were inspired by exercises on the Pilates Reformer, the Pilates Chair, or the Pilates Cadillac, adding more rotation, side bending, and strength conditioning –especially for the upper body– to the traditional Pilates mat class.

In this workshop, the Pilates instructors who attended learned a myriad of new exercises to spice up the Pilates mat classes that they currently teach. “This is great for my clients who are gettnig bored,” remarked one participant. We had a blast with all 22 attendees as we went through each category and demonstrated how to progress and regress each series. We definitely found something for everyone.

Beginning two weeks ago, we’ve been incorporating the Corps Physique Pilates mat exercies into our podcasts, so look out for those! Also, check out Corps Physique workouts on UltimatePilatesWorkouts.com (www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com!) The reformer workuot is “Corps Physique: Gym Rat Reformer Workout,” and the first Pilates mat workout will be “Corps Physique Mat Pilates I (II, III, ect…!)

Our next Corps Physique workshop at Pilates on Fifth is Fridy, April 3, 2009. For more information on signing up or for a comprehensive list of all Pilates Academy International workshops, click here.


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