Pilates in Portugal –Ultimate Pilates Workouts Member Profile 1

We have decided to profile the fabulous users of UltimatePilatesWorkouts.com on an ongoing basis. We are choosing people who inspire us and cause us to think about making our lives a little more meaningful.

Our first profile is GEORGE, who is currently living in Mertola, Portugal. George introduced himself to us via this email:


“Hi Girls, I came onto your site via i-Tunes and love it. I am 67 yo and have lived full time on a sailboat for 16 yrs. All I own is a boat and a bike. It is important for me to keep a strong body with my life style, so your workouts are fun for me to follow. I have a yoga mat and a stability ball onboard. Presently I am in a 2000 yo village in Mertola, Portugal. The next time I sail back to the US I will come into NY Harbor and come for a visit. Regards, George”

WOW!! A stability ball on board??? Truly, neither of us can imagine doing our “Get on the Ball!” workout on a boat!!… Now THAT’S core stability. We are looking forward to him sailing into New York and visiting us at Pilates on Fifth. However, we were trying to figure out how George can even think about Pilates when he has such beautiful scenery to gaze at all day long, and so we emailed him.



When we emailed George to tell him that we wanted to profile him on our blog, we also asked him if he had anything else he wanted to share, and here it is:

“Hey Katherine and Kimberly,

What I have learned;

To live simply is to live well.

What does it take to live at sea? Think about love, self reliance, duty, thrift, character and imagine the best way to thrive instead of just survive.

Of course to live this life without a support system to take care of me, I do some sort of core training everyday and eat a Mediterranean style diet, which is my health insurance. Also living outdoors all the time and eating foods of the world I feel has strengthened my immune system, so that I don’t suffer from colds or flus.

Without adventurers our society will decay. I want to inspire people of spirit to venture where they will and tolerate no hindrance to their seeking.

I believe that in these times of a troubled economy, with people visibly shaken by diminished wealth and future uncertainty I hope this will inspire some to think about a life without bigger hi-way and bridges to move us faster from one crisis to the next. Maybe we should move backwards 100 yrs to a life free of cars, type II diabetes, heart attacks, and stress.

The two guys in the bar in the Alentejo, Pt were in their 90’s and never owned a car only a burro.

Photo of me in Iceland on my 2 year voyage above the Atlantic Circle.

Best and keep up the good vibes you supply those that see your pod casts, George”

Isn’t that great? At first we were going to include pieces of it, but we didn’t want to leave out a thing! We were both moved and inspired by George’s words, and so we wanted to share it with all of you.

If you have a story that you’d like to share with us, please email us at feedback@ultimatepilatesworkouts.com. We look forward to hearing your responses and sharing them with our fabulous Pilates community!


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