A Great Review of UltimatePilatesWorkouts.com

As we embarked upon the world of blogging, we started reading other fitness blogs just to see what the whole thing was about.  We stumbled upon a number of blogs, and one that we really loved is Every Gym’s Nightmare (www.everygymsnightmare.com), written by Kelly Turner.

Her fitness blog is fabulous…. It’s not a Pilates blog per se, but it’s a super fun read and very informative.  She offers a great perspective to the fitness world on the sometimes delicate balance between a healthy focus on diet & exercise as opposed to a fanatical one.  Because we liked her blog so much, we asked her to review www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com on her site.  Happily, she didn’t take as much convincing as others that we really offer free Pilates workouts online!  She jumped right in, and here’s an excerpt from her blog:

“I started with the beginner video, because I am a beginner at Pilates. I know I’m in shape, and am usually prone to jumping into advanced things before I know the basics, but decided to do this properly and learn the fundamentals.

The cueing was perfect. Instead of becoming confused trying to figure out on my own if I was doing an exercise properly, I knew exactly where I should be feeling things and what motion I was trying to achieve. I’m a trainer, I know how hard it is to cue for the core, but with Katherine’s direction, I knew exactly what to do.

…Pilates is perfect for focusing on your core, and how to engage, and keep it engaged, throughout all the exercises. It’s a full body, low impact, flexibility and strength workout. I’m hooked.

It’s the perfect melding between a good sweaty workout and yoga. I get my flexbility and calming effect, while appeasing my gym side with reps and muscle fatigue.

I really recommend this site for all levels: beginners to test the waters for free and see if they like it, and the most advanced Pilatuers (pronounced pi-la-tooooooors) for great downloads of workout with equipment and the Reformer…”

But don’t just read this!  Go to Kelly’s blog and read the entire review.  While you’re on her site, make sure you bookmark her site and sign up for her email alerts.  Kelly holds weekly give aways (yes, free stuff!), and she makes it very easy for her readers to submit to win.  You also might learn something in the process!


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