Recession Proof your Pilates workouts

dsc005203In an effort to create affordable Pilates for those who love Pilates but have found that the economy has them choosing necessities over Pilates lessons, we’ve come up with two options:  one for at home Pilates workouts, and one for Pilates mat classes and Pilates reformer classes at the studio.  There is no need to forego your favorite Pilates workouts either at home or at your Pilates studio.

We’ll start with the most economical way for doing at home Pilates workouts:  The basic membership is absolutely free, and you can enjoy free mat workouts directly from your computer.  It’s like having a free Pilates studio membership or an unlimited supply of free Pilates videos and Pilates DVD’s.  Don’t see a Pilates workout you like?  Don’t be shy!  Email us at with suggestions!

dsc00483At our Manhattan Pilates studio, we’ve created The Streamline Series:  Group mat Pilates classes and group reformer classes at EXTREMELY affordable rates.  With over 15 classes a week in the streamline series, we’re certain that you will find a class that suits your busy schedule without breaking your bank account.

dsc00479We think our New York Pilates mat classes and reformer classes are the best in New York City. They make a fantastic supplement to your private sessions. Mat Pilates Plus classes are affordable and fun. Like Pilates privates, they target the “powerhouse” muscles of the lower back, abs, and buttocks. Because our Pilates instructors are the most qualified in the business, you can be assured of a safe, effective, and challenging workout.

Our instructors all have a great depth and breadth of knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. They know more than just a series of Pilates mat exercises and Pilates reformer exercises; they know how each of these exercises affects specific parts of your anatomy. As Pilates becomes more and more popular, Pilates studios and Pilates programs are popping up all over the place. Since no regulation board exists to monitor Pilates certifications, almost anyone can become a “professional” instructor. We dislike this “anything goes” climate, which is why we’re so picky about hiring only the most experienced, educated Pilates instructors, all of whom have been fully certified by Pilates Academy International or by STOTT PILATES®.

dsc00502Pilates on Fifth is located at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street in a wonderful landmark building. Our sun-filled studios are located in the penthouse, 22 stories above the busy streets below. Because of our convenient location, we attract clients from a number of different areas. Some of our clients commute to our studio from their homes in Connecticut or New Jersey, while others swing by Pilates on Fifth before or after work.


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  1. thepilatesgirl replied:

    I love your Pilates Workouts online! Thanks for all your hard work!

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