Pilates DVD Library –all online!

At Pilates on Fifth, our fabulous instructors know just how to keep classes fun, interesting, and effective, and now we’re delivering the essence of Pilates on Fifth straight to your home computer with a full line of Pilates DVD’s… all available online at www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com!  Whether you do Pilates Mat DVD’s, Pilates Reformer DVD’s or Pilates Chair DVD’s, you can be sure that your Pilates workout will engage your mind and your sense of fun, as well as the deep, core muscles of your body. One of the ways our instructors keep their mat classes interesting is the use of small equipment and props.

Props, such as stability balls, elastic bands, foam rollers, and arc barrels, improve our classes in a number of ways. First, small pieces of equipment help “level the playing field.” Advanced students will find that props like stability balls help keep their Pilates classes challenging. New students will find that props improve their understanding of the exercises. For instance, using a stability ball can help a client “find” the right muscles to use. Using equipment helps “fire your muscles” in exactly the right spot. Props are essential to Pilates workouts of all levels! Pilates for seniors, athletes, dancers, pregnant women, clients recovering from injuries, and the everyday Pilates enthusiast alike! That’s why we’ve integrated Pilates props into Ultimate Pilates Workouts! We’ve designed full-length Pilates DVD’s specific to each prop for a number of different conditions. Choose from Pilates DVD’s custom designed for the ultimate Pilates Stretch Band, Pilates Stability Ball, Pilates Small BallPilates Magic CircleBOSU and Mini Body Bar workout! You’ll never get tired of Ultimate Pilates Workouts with the variety of Pilates Stretch Band DVD’s, Pilates Stability Ball DVD’s, etc, etc, to choose from!

Firing your muscles correctly empowers you to do the exercises correctly. Our instructors are sticklers for good technique; the better your technique, the better your results will be. When you enjoy a Mat Pilates Plus class in our sun-filled penthouse studio in New York City, you will improve everything from your flexibility to your balance to your core strength. You’ll even improve your bone density. Pilates aids in the process of improving a number of different health conditions. At Pilates on Fifth, we advocate Pro-Health Pilates! Our Pro-Health Pilates program incorporates custom Pilates instruction for Breast Cancer Survivors with our Pink Ribbon Pilates and heart health with our CARDIOLATES® just to name a few! Our instructors are well equipped to design workouts specific to clients with osteoporosis, spinal conditions, hip/knee replacements, abdominal surgeries, torn rotator cuffs, and neck injuries. We strongly believe in Pilates for bettering the health of its followers. Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers a fabulous collection of DVD’s specific to special populations and injuries. Enjoy Pilates for Lower Back Care DVD’s, Pink Ribbon Pilates DVD’s, Pre-Natal Pilates DVD’s and more from the convenience of your own home!

We look forward to bringing quality Pilates workouts to the convenience of your own home! Visit www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com to browse through our extensive and inexpensive Pilates DVD library today!


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