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When we meet new people, we often get asked many questions about Pilates…. How many times a week they should do it, what Pilates DVD we recommend, if we know of a good Pilates studio in their home town, etc.  People also often share with us that they’ve purchased a QVC Reformer, or Aeropilates Reformer, or Stamina Reformer, and “just aren’t sure what to do with it anymore”.

Once again, Ultimate Pilates Workouts to the rescue!!  We have created over 8 full length Pilates Reformer workouts for the site, ranging from Level I to Level V.  For a low monthly subscription, owners of QVC Reformers can have access to a whole new library of Pilates reformer workouts…. Your own personal QVC Reformer Workout Library!

The QVC Pilates Reformer, as with all Pilates Reformers, is based on a design by Joseph Pilates nearly 100 years ago.  In fact, Pilates’ system was originally created as a Reformer Workout!   Joseph Pilates rehabilitated injured and bedridden soldiers using a variety of large equipment pieces modeled after hospital beds, one of them becoming the Pilates Reformer.  The Pilates Reformer allows users to improve their alignment without gravity. Working out without gravity allows users to strengthen and improve specific parts of their bodies without exacerbating old injuries or reinforcing bad habits.

The Reformer is one of the most important pieces of equipment in Pilates and doing Pilates Reformer workouts with your QVC Reformer or any Pilates Reformer will challenge your strength and flexibility. The Pilates Reformer challenges the body to work in concert–rather than working on individual, very specific parts of the anatomy (as is the case with the Cadillac), the Reformer works on the body as a whole.

Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers a series of cutting-edge reformer workouts perfect for all levels. Designed in Manhattan’s leading pilates studio, Pilates on Fifth, these exercises were created to add fun, variety, and challenge to our clientele! We realized that every body requires different fitness attention, and therefore, we made sure to incorporate a range of workouts that reflect the spectrum of Pilates devotees and their corresponding target areas. And, now Ultimate Pilates Workouts brings New York City’s number one pilates repertoire to the convenience of your own home! Our at home Pilates reformer workouts will tone all the muscles of your body and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated! Sensitive care is taken to balance the spinal movements of our workouts, as well as to stretch and strengthen so you’ll fee better than you did before you started! Select the reformer workouts best for your fitness needs and goals! Ultimate Pilates Workouts brings innovation and excitement to at home pilates and QVC pilates reformer owners interntaionally! Select to purchase a workout to be formatted as a DVD, iPod download, or to simply play on your computer screen with an easy click of your mouse!

For instance, start with My First Reformer Workout to learn the basics…  Then, enjoy Fit & Fluid to stretch, strengthen, and tone your whole body.  Like a harder workout, or more of a “gym rat workout?  Then try Corps Physique: Gym Rat Reformer Workout or Strengthen and Define for a fast-pace, challenging workout that will invigorate the whole body and sculpt long, lean muscles.  Put a few more sentences at least here….  We know that the spring settings will be different for each manufacturer.  On Ultimate Pilates Workouts, we use Stott Pilates® Reformers, but we will help you with spring conversions if you need them for your QVC Reformer.  Just email us at


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