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If you’re looking for a New York City Pilates certification center, keep in mind such centers vary quite a bit in technique and quality. Some teach only the basics of each exercise and little else. Then they leave it to you to figure out why the Pilates exercises improve the body, and how to pass on the instruction to others. At Pilates on Fifth, however, we emphasize the importance of understanding both the principles of anatomy and the best methods of Pilates instruction. After all, clients who truly appreciate fitness and the benefits of Pilates instruction will want a trainer who deeply respects and feels passionately about this fun and exciting exercise.

Pilates on Fifth, located in the heart of New York City, is a top-notch certification center and the headquarters of the Pilates Academy International. Our team of certifying instructors are pros at sharing their Pilates expertise and training techniques. Our spacious, 5,500 square foot facility is fully equipped with Pilates equipment, including reformers and cadillacs, and holds classes like mat Pilates. Even better, we’ve created a separate facility for our certification courses, ensuring there’s always plenty of room to learn.

Pilates certification centers have become more and more popular in recent years for good reason. Pilates is a proven exercise system that helps everyone from the pure beginner to the fine-tuned athlete. Your lower back gains extra support and protection from the stronger abdomen. Muscles all over your body gain strength, becoming toned, lean, and flexible without the bulk. Anyone who’s hoping to slim down and tone up at the same time should definitely look into this one-of-a-kind, inspirational exercise program.

The Pilates Academy International exercise repertoire is now available online! The creators and directors of Pilates on Fifth and the Pilates Academy International, Katherine and Kimberly Corp, are sharing their expert understanding of Pilates with Ultimate Pilates Workouts! Ultimate Pilates Workouts ( is a one of a kind website, that offers free and unlimited access to a variety of full-length Pilates mat and equipment workouts! The innovative site also provides a training library replete with instructional videos for Pilates mat, reformer, cadillac, chair and barrel exercises for beginners to advanced Pilates practitioners alike! The Pilates Academy International houses a sensitive and articulate methodology of Pilates ranging between 5 levels of performance and understanding. It also offers specific programming and modifications for clientele with special conditions and injuries. The Pilates Academy International provides the Pilates community with a wealth of knowledge and support for offering high quality Pilates conditioning for seniors, athletes, dancers, pregnant women, injuries, lower back care, and the everyday Pilates enthusiast alike! Ultimate Pilates Workouts is the ultimate online Pilates resource available! It is perfect for certified Pilates instructors looking to spice up their repertoire or to find specific instructions for dealing with special populations. And, it’s also terrific for Pilates lovers who crave one-on-one instruction, but can’t make it to the studio! Bring the Pilates Academy International into the convenience of your own home!

Join the ultimate online Pilates resource for free! Visit today!


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