How to get the most out of Ultimate Pilates Workouts!

Ultimate Pilates Workouts is today’s leading online Pilates resource! Fostering an online community for Pilates instructors and students alike, the system offers a Customer Support Team ready and able to answer both Pilates and technical inquiries.

Need help viewing your free Pilates workouts online? Or, perhaps advice in purchasing your Pilates workout downloads for your custom Pilates DVDs and iPod playlist? No problem! We’re here to help!

What about updating your internet browser? Seeking guidance with your media player? Bring it on!

All of us here at Ultimate Pilates Workouts value customer service and our fabulous members. That’s we have asked our Customer Support Team to put together a list of the most commonly asked questions they receive from our clientele. Below is the list compiled from our representatives, offering an abundance of troubleshooting tips and answers to allow you to make the absolute most out of Ultimate Pilates Workouts!

Ultimate Pilates Workouts Customer Support:

1. What type of internet browser are you using to access the website?

Firefox/Mozilla internet browsers ensure the most optimal performance for members on Ultimate Pilates Workouts. Internet Explorer and other relative internet browsers are not compatible for websites with large media content. They were not designed to house websites with extensive media, such as our mp4 downloads and videos of our full-length Pilates workouts. Our workouts range between 30 to 55 minutes in length and require a browser that is capable of supporting them. Attempts to use Internet Explorer may result in errors when users attempt to access their workouts. For a safe and easy link to a free download of Firefox/Mozilla, click here or visit the SYSTEMS REQUIREMENTS page on the website.

2. What type of internet connection are you using to access the website?

A broadband internet connection is required (ie cable, DSL, or satellite.) A dial-up connection is not consistent and therefore, may cause errors on the site such as screen freezes, pauses in video play, and denied access to the workout downloads. For more information, click here to visit the SYSTEMS REQUIREMENTS page on the website.

3. What type of media player are you selecting to open the workout downloads?

All of us here at Ultimate Pilates Workouts highly suggest that you use Adobe Media Player for quality and assurance. Moreover, Quicktime and Windows Media Player are not compatible with the website. These media players tend to be the default media players for most home computer systems. The problem is that both of these media players are out of date, and therefore are not designed to handle large mp4 files. As mentioned above, our downloads range from 30 to 55 minutes in length, and therefore require a media player that is fully capable of supporting them from start to finish.

Adobe Media Player is easy and free to use! Click here for a safe link to a free download of this media player or visit our SYSTEMS REQUIREMENTS page. Select to download the program and when it is complete it will appear on your computer desktop screen. Next, select to open Firefox/Mozilla internet browser to access Ultimate Pilates Workouts. Log into your account and proceed to visit “My Downloads” as listed under “My Account.” Select the workout download of your choice. Proceed to click on the purple “download” text to begin downloading the workout to your personal computer. A new window will appear prompting you to select a program to open the file. You may notice that your default media player appears first under “Open With.” Select “Other…” and proceed to scroll down to highlight Adobe Media Player. If Adobe Media Player does not appear on the initial list, select “Desktop” on the lefthand side of this window. Then proceed to scroll down to select Adobe Media Player off this list. Click “Okay” and the download process will begin!

Please allow 45 to 90 minutes for our full-length Pilates workout downloads to successfully download to your computer. The time it takes for a download to complete is variable and dependent on the user’s internet connectivity and the size of the mp4 file. Once the download is finished, Adobe Media Player will automatically open on your computer and workout will appear on the lefthand side menu of videos available for play on your Adobe Media Player. This workout will be prompted to start playing on your Adobe Media Player.

Any attempts to view the workout while it is downloading will result in errors. Please allow the download to complete before you attempt to view it.

4. “How do I upgrade?”

Members can upgrade their account to a new package at anytime! To do so, it is easiest to select to download a workout that is not a part of your current membership. For example, if you are a Basic member and would like to upgrade to the Deluxe package, log into your account and select a reformer workout from the Workout Library. Doing so, will prompt a window to appear asking you if you would like to upgrade. Proceed to follow the simple instructions guided by the website and you will be quickly upgraded to the Ultimate Pilates Workouts package of your choice!

5. “When I select to play a workout the visual component does not appear?”

Are you playing a workout off Ultimate Pilates Workouts and there is no picture? But, the audio continues to play? Not a problem! That means that you are missing the essential plugin for our online video player. You need to download Adobe Flash Player to view the workout online. Most computer systems will automatically install the missing plugin, and/or prompt you to do so if this error should occur. If Adobe Flash Player is not already installed into your computer, visit for a safe and free download of this flash player.

6. ” An error message reading “This is Not Your Video” appears each time I select to download a workout.”

Although all members have access to downloading all workouts, members are limited to the workouts that they can view as per their membership package.

Rather, all members have the option to download for a minimal fee of $5.95 -the fraction of the cost of a DVD! Members have the option of using their monthly free downloads (3 free downloads for Deluxe members, 5 free downloads for Premier members, unlimited free downloads for Ultimate members.) Regardless if whether the member selects to redeem the workout for free or for purchase, they are not limited to selecting any of the downloads. All members can download Pilates mat, small equipment, specialty, reformer, cadillac, chair, or barrel downloads under these provisions.

However, members are limited to the type of downloads that they can select to play as per their membership (as follows):

Basic Membership: Free and unlimited access to play Pilates mat, small equipment and specialty workouts.
Deluxe Membership: Free and unlimited access to play Pilates mat, small equipment, specialty workouts and reformer workouts.
Premier Membership: Free and unlimited access to play Pilates mat, small equipment, specialty workouts, reformer, cadillac, chair and barrel workouts.
Ultimate Membership: Free and unlimited access to play Pilates mat, small equipment, specialty workouts, reformer, cadillac, chair, barrel, and training videos.

If an error message occurs for you, it may be the result of an attempt to access a video that is not included under your membership.

7. “When I attempt to log into my Ultimate Pilates Workouts account, the window will not stop ‘loading…’ .”

This is due to a connectivity issue. If a window continues to appear as “Loading…” it means that you internet connection has either experienced an interruption or it is not strong enough to forward you along to the next webpage quickly. We suggest that you contact your local internet provider for assistance on improving your internet connectivity not only for Ultimate Pilates Workouts, but for all of your everyday online needs!

8. “How do I redeem a workout for free?”

To use any of our workout coupon codes, first proceed to the “Shop” menu on the upper righthand side of the website. Then continue to select the workout specific to the coupon code issued to you. Next, proceed to “Checkout.” During checkout, enter the coupon code in the white box designated “Promotional Code” and select “Update.” Doing so will automatically discount the workout so that it is free. Continue with the checkout process as usual, and you will not be charged for the workout download.

9. “Once I download a workout, will I have to download it again to view it for a second or third time?”

Once you have purchased a workout, it will forever remain under “My Account” > “My Downloads.” Each time that you log into your Ultimate Pilates Workouts member account, each download that you have ever purchased will be saved in your account for continuing access. You are only charged once for the download.

To view the workout on Adobe Media Player, you will have to click on the purple “download” text under “My Downloads.” Doing so will load the mp4 file into your media player for viewing. To avoid having to reopen the workout in Adobe Media Player each time that you are interested in viewing it, select to “Save” the file as opposed to “Open” the file when you select the purple “download” text. This will give you the option of either saving the file to your computer (in which case, you will be able to visit “My Computer” > “My Documents” to open the file) or to Adobe Media Player (in which case, the download will be ready for viewing in Adobe Media Player each time that you open it.)

10. “Will I be able to view my downloads on Ultimate Pilates Workouts on other computers?”

You are able to access your downloads from any computer system with an internet connection. Log into your account at from any computer to view workouts and visit your account.

However, for optimal performance it is important that you continue to use Firefox/Mozilla internet browsers. Also, to download a workout it is important to continue to use Adobe Media Player.

But, remember! You can always view full-length workouts on your computer by selecting the “play” option.

On a general note, we also recommend clearing your internet browser history on a regular basis. Errors can be saved as cookies on the internet, and therefore will reappear each time their corresponding webpages are revisited (regardless if whether the error still exists or not.) By visiting the “Tools” menu on your internet browser, and selecting “clear history” and/or “clear private data” you will ensure that all errors are removed from your system!

If you have any questions regarding Ultimate Pilates Workouts and your account, please contact our Customer Support Team at anytime at They are ready and willing to help!


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