Find the fun in Pilates to increase results

Between work, family, the economy, etc., you are under enough stress!  Read on to learn to discover some fun — and maybe some flatter abs — with Pilates.

As with any exercise, the more serious your mindset when approaching your workout, the more results you will see.  But even world class athletes enjoy their sport, or they never would have the will to drive themselves to excellence.

rolling_like_a_ball_smallWe’re serious about Pilates, but we believe in stressing form and alignment without stressing our clients!  Rolling Like a Ball is an original Pilates exercise that tones the abdominals,  strengthens the core, challenges balance….and is a whole lot of fun!

To start, sit tall with bent knees and flat abs.  Then, roll back off your sit bones and pick your legs up one at a time to balance in a little “ball” position, as in the above picture.  Inhale, pull in your abdominal muscles more to roll back until the weight is between the shoulder blades.  Then exhale and return to the start position — without putting your feet down on the mat!  On the roll back, don’t let the weight go onto the neck, and when you return, don’t let your feet touch the mat.

The spine never changes shape throughout the exercise, but because your abdominal muscles act as the accelerator and the brakes, Rolling Like a Ball tones the abs quite effectively!  The first time you attempt this exercise, it may take a couple of tries before your body figures out how much energy to put into the roll back and the roll up to the start position.  This takes abdominal strength and coordination…but it makes you laugh in the process.

And after all, laughter is the best medicine….

For more fun and exciting Pilates exercises accessible to all levels, visit! It’s free!


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