Streamline your body and your budget!!

group-classManhattan’s largest Pilates studio is offering the city’s most affordable group classes! That’s right! Pilates on Fifth has integrated a series of new Pilates mat and equipment classes at a discounted rate for its valued clientele. Although the cost of enrolling in these classes is nearly (if not entirely) half the cost of its original group class rate, the quality of instruction, facility and customer service remains at an all-time high! Pilates on Fifth proudly introduces “The Streamline Series.”

The Streamline Series recently emerged at Pilates on Fifth as a means of making top of the line Pilates affordable, and therefore accessible to Pilates practitioners of all levels! With New York City being at the center of an economic recession, we understand and empathize with the hardships finances inflict on our daily routines. However, we firmly believe that personal fitness and wellness should not be compromised. It is important to give your body and mind the healthful exercise that it deserves. The Streamline Series was designed as the economically conscious sister schedule of our already well-reputed Pilates training center.

The Streamline Series introduces a total of nineteen new classes to the Pilates on Fifth group class schedule! The classes are scattered throughout our daily and weekly schedules. If you’re an early bird, we’ve got you covered weekdays and weekends alike! Enjoy exercise after a long work day? Perfect! We have Pilates mat and equipment classes offered continuously in the evening and night hours! Prefer to partner your lunch break with some tummy tightening? We’re here for you during the lunch hours, as well! Pilates on Fifth is available morning, afternoon and night for Pilates classes of all levels.

Our Pilates mat classes infuse all of the traditional and essential exercises with stretch bands, stability balls, Pilates rings, and BOSUs. The combination of these challenging props with the comprehensive and personalized instruction of our certified instructors offers the ultimate workout. Our mat classes are accessible to first-time Pilates goers, as well as the Pilates veteran. Our instructors are sensitive to their clients’ needs and potential, and customize their workouts accordingly. The Streamline Series also includes Pilates reformer and chair classes. The reformer is one of the most important pieces of equipment in Pilates. There are eleven reformers at Pilates on Fifth, three of which have Tower attachments. Using the reformer challenges the user’s strength and flexibility. The chair is also a great teaching tool. When new students use the Chair, it helps them better understand the motions involved in Pilates. And, when more experienced students use it, the chair becomes all about strength.

Not a fan of group classes? Not a problem! Some of our clients favor a peaceful, self-paced workout of their own devices. Rather, they elect to supplement their Pilates training with Pilates on Fifth Solo Workouts. After learning exercises on all Pilates and/or GYROTONIC® equipment to develop an exercise regime right for you, you can use the equipment on your own, just as you would in a gym! Use our cardio equipment to burn fat after your muscle toning, body sculpting Pilates or GYROTONIC® workout. No more need for a gym membership! We have all you need to develop the long, lean body you’ve always wanted SAFELY! At Pilates on Fifth you can find a program that suits your personal fitness needs.

Let us help you tone your muscles, strengthen your core and feel great! Visit today to find The Streamline Series class that fits best into your schedule! Or, call us at 212-687-8885. Our friendly Front Desk staff will help you find your best Pilates match.

Not in New York? Not a problem! Owners and Directors of Pilates on Fifth and Pilates Academy International, Katherine and Kimberly Corp, launched their innovative Pilates workout and training website -Ultimate Pilates! Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers video downloads of both Pilates mat and equipment exercises for special conditions, target areas, pregnancy, injuries/injury prevention, and full-length workouts accessible to all levels. You can also brush up on your Pilates exercise repertoire by visiting their Training video library where both classic and cutting-edge exercises alike are taught with precision. Practice your Pilates from the convenience of your own home! Free Pilates workouts online! Visit today!


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