Pilates and weight loss, part 1

Remember to apply yourself to your workout if you want to see results!
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Of all the questions we get asked at our studio, the question “will I lose weight?” tops the charts.  The answer is not a simple “yes” or a simple “no,” so we’ll devote the next few articles to exploring weight loss and Pilates.

First of all, successful weight loss requires three components:  proper diet/nutrition, maintenance of muscle mass and fat burning cardiovascular exercise.  If one exercises vigorously, but then eats without concern for calories, sugar, fat, etc., then that person will most likely see less results than the person who embarks on a program focusing on exercise AND diet.  Next, increasing and maintaining muscle tone helps increase the body’s metabolism because the more muscle one has, the more calories one burns.  Muscle cells require more energy just to exist, so people with greater muscle mass burn more calories even when not exercising.  Dieting without exercising can lead to both a decreased metabolic rate and a loss of muscle tone, which can thwart all the effort when pre-diet eating habits are resumed.

Additionally, the current fitness level, age and sex of the individual starting Pilates plays an enormous role in determining how much weight loss he/she will experience.  With regards to current fitness level, a deconditioned body may reap more initial benefits from Pilates than someone who engages in regular exercise and is adding Pilates to it.  As people get older, body composition changes and muscle tends to decrease, thus fat comprises more of an individual’s weight.  Also, metabolism naturally slows with age, which changes the body’s caloric needs.  Unfortunately, most people continue eating the same amount as they age even as their caloric needs decline.  And sorry ladies, but men usually have a higher metabolic rate than women because they have less body fat and more muscle than do women of the same age and weight.

Furthermore (and this may be obvious but we have a reason for mentioning it) how much one applies oneself to their Pilates session determines how much weight they will or will not lose!  The media has touted Pilates as a wonderful weight loss regime, but if people do not apply themselves to their workouts when exercising (be it Pilates or any other workout regime), results will not be gained!  Also, keep in mind that Pilates was designed to be a rehabilitative regime, to be done thoughtfully, precisely and with great attention to detail.  Pilates was not designed to be a fast moving, heart pumping workout!  Of course, when one improves one’s Pilates technique, the exercises can be accomplished more fluidly, and the pace of the workout increases as the flow improves.  If one takes the time to go slow and learn the technique from the start, the “faster” they will be able to move through their workout in the future.

At our New York studio Pilates on Fifth, we see men and women reach their fitness goals every day.  But we also see a lot of people get frustrated because they are NOT reaching their goals.  If you fall into the latter group, be sure to evaluate your eating and lifestyle habits — and be very honest with yourself!  And check back to our page for more articles on Pilates and weight loss!


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