Away with Diet Soda!!! Why we love METROMINT!

metromintAfter we opened Pilates on Fifth in 2000, we were surprised to learn how many people think the owners of a Pilates studio should be paragons of healthy lifestyles at all times.  For the most part, we are!  We eat sensibly, avoid alcohol and have never smoked (or even just inhaled for that matter!!)

But until recently, our day wasn’t complete without a Super Size diet soda.  Before we lived in NYC, the obscenely large “Big Gulp” or its cousin “the Biggie” filled to the brim with diet soda was the highlight of our day.  And to be honest, sometimes, we would not stop at one.  If these establishments offered free refills, then I shudder to think how much we imbibed.

Neither of us will ever forget the looks on our clients’ faces when we’d walk in with our enormous diet soda, grinning from ear to ear as we slurped on our favorite little vice.  Many clients lectured us on the deleterious effects of diet soda, and while we knew they were right, we really found it YUMMY and immensely satisfying!  Some of you may be cringing – others may identify with the sweet pleasure one can derive from the artificial sweeteners and the fizzies.   Regardless, many of our clients were appalled.

Did this stop us?  NO!  We tried to find an alternative that we actually enjoyed, but to no avail.  Truth be told, neither of us can survive on water alone!  We need flavor and pizzazz!  Thus, we became masterful at sneaking in to our own studio with 32 oz extra-large diet sodas concealed on our person.  Yes, that’s right.  We would furtively drink our diet soda like naughty little kids in our office, then gracefully sip our bottled water in front of clients.  This behavior persisted for years.

UNTIL NOW!!!  We discovered Metromint this past summer, and instantly fell in love.  We really don’t want to sound like a commercial, but Metromint water is refreshing, fun and satisfying and contains all the pizzazz we need to brighten our day.  We love having SIX different flavors to choose from, so we can select the flavor that goes best with our respective moods.  Let’s face it:  we don’t only drink to quench our thirst, we drink to be satisfied on an emotional level as well.  SO, having a means of enjoying different tastes without calories or all the chemicals in diet soda is a real thrill.

Metromint gets its delicious, refreshing taste from a dash of mint oils (peppermint and spearmint) and essences of cherry, lemon, orange and chocolate.  We’ve started selling it at our studio and clients can’t get enough!

And the best part?  We’re truly not craving diet soda!  Metromint has effectively conquered our cravings, which is nearly miraculous.  We love it and we are now better role models to our clients too (just don’t open our chocolate drawer!)


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