Watch Ultimate Pilates Workouts on television!

tvUltimate Pilates Workouts is today’s leading internet resource for instructional Pilates exercises and full-length workouts. The website was designed to promote cost-effective Pilates with convenience. Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers an ever-growing library of full-length, well-rounded workouts accessible to a variety of levels of Pilates lovers. Since membership accounts exist online, users can login from any computer and pick the perfect workout for their day. Enjoy professional Pilates instruction from the convenience of your own laptop or desktop computer! Or, better yet… enjoy Ultimate Pilates Workouts on your own television screen!

Laptop and desktop computers come in all shapes and sizes these days. In fact, it has become increasingly more impressive just how skinny, compact, lightweight, etc, etc… (you name it!) computer designs have evolved. However, as a do computer screens. Compact computers are excellent for those of us on the go! It’s easy on the back and shoulders, and paired with wireless internet it brings modern convenience quite literally to our fingertips. However, all of us at Ultimate Pilates Workouts understand that this can bring extra challenge to your Pilates workout. The Pilates method is already difficult, with a myriad of details to recount while supporting our pelvis, circling our arms, softening our ribs, connecting our inner thighs and relaxing our shoulders down. We’re not interested in exercising your vision. Why add extra challenge with a miniature computer screen to follow along with for your favorite Pilates mat workouts?

Forget the inner thighs! Well, not entirely… Rather, let’s also connect our laptops! Let’s connect our laptops and desktop computers to our televisions to make Ultimate Pilates Workouts come to life in our living rooms! Connecting computers to television screens is quick and easy! Follow these simple steps:

1. First you need a video cable for making the physically connection.

Most computers have an S-Video port that can be connected to the S-Video input of your TV screen using a very cheap S-Video cable (it’s round with 4 or 7 pins).

For better picture quality, you should connect the computer to the TV using standard VGA ports or via the DVI to HDMI cable provided your TV supports these ports.

2. Open the “display settings” in your Vista computer and activate output to the TV screen. You can either mirror content of your computer on the TV or extend the display just like a dual monitor screen.

3. Pick up your TV remote and switch to “External Inputs” from the menu. You will need to change the default “Video 1” to a different selection which may be “HDMI 1” or “Video 2” depending on how you have made the connection.

Important: Make sure you connect the cable to the TV before turning on the computer as sometimes it may fail to recognize external display.

For easy-to-follow instructional videos on how to connect your laptop to your computer, check out these two fabulous clips!

Click here for laptops!

Click here for desktops!


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