Digital Demonstration! The latest in Pilates Instructor Training

To become a Pilates instructor, you need dedication, knowledge of the body and a desire to help others. Katherine and Kimberly Corp are internationally admired for their dedicated contributions to Pilates instructor training curriculums fostering high quality, competent and confident teachers. As founders and directors of the Pilates Academy International (PAI), their persistent role in the field of sports medicine and exercise management has influenced the contemporary wave of Pilates education both stateside and abroad. Affixed to PAI and its headquarters in New York City’s esteemed private training center, Pilates on Fifth, the Corp sisters launched iTune’s No. 1 fitness podcast followed by the internet’s leading Pilates mp3 and DVD website, Ultimate Pilates What’s next? PAI is excited to announce the inclusion of its multimedia instructor training manuals. You guessed it! The comprehensive Pilates certification handbooks have gone digital and linked up with the Ultimate Pilates to offer upcoming Pilates instructors and continuing education courses demonstrational videos with detailed cueing, execution, modifications and safety awareness.

PAI believes a great Pilates instructor must have three essential skills: a solid understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and postural issues; a strong command of the exercise repertoire – including modifications for all levels of fitness; and the ability to inspire and motivate clients. Any one or two skills alone fail to provide the client with the best instruction they could receive and prevent the client from reaping all the benefits Pilates has to offer. Starting in 2012, Pilates instructors in training will be eligible to purchase the digital manuals emphasizing the following attributes:

•       Fundamental execution of each exercise
•       Anatomy and biomechanics of each exercise
•       Exercise modification skills
•       Cueing and correcting skills
•       Workout design skills
•       Transition skills
•       Progression skills

While highlighting the proper execution of the Pilates repertoire, PAI teaches its students to focus on the unique needs of each individual client. As each client has a different life history, different movement habits and different limitations, s/he may not ever be able
to achieve the “proper execution” of an exercise. Thus, the combination of literature and visual example aids in coaching students to analyze and assess a variety of conditions – from the simple to the complex. The additive of modifications preserve the intended goal of the exercises, yet make them accessible to all ages, body types, and fitness levels. As clients embark on their journeys to discover healthier movement patterns and find more freedom in their bodies, PAI students are prepared to help them enjoy meeting their unique fitness
goals with Pilates.

To be continued… 


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