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instructors-069A lot of fitness studios, gyms and clubs in New York that claim to offer Pilates training really only offer Pilates mat training. While we agree that Pilates mat classes are terrific, and we offer a wealth of them here at our own studio, we also understand that mat classes are only a part of the Pilates system. Pilates equipment sessions, such as Pilates Reformer classes, are an invaluable part of the Pilates experience.

At Pilates on Fifth, we have been offering Pilates Reformer classes in New York since we opened our doors in 2000. We currently have eleven Reformers in our spacious studio, including three Reformers with Tower attachments. During your Pilates private sessions (or your Pilates duets or trios) you’ll spend about 85 to 90 percent of your session working out on our Pilates equipment.

Your private, duet or trio might include use of the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Chair, or the Ladder Barrel. The Reformer is great for an all-over workout. It challenges your body as a whole, improving the strength and flexibility of your limbs and torso “in concert” –rather than working on individual, very specific parts of the anatomy (as is the case with the Cadillac), the Reformer works on the body as a collectively. The Reformer is one of the most important pieces of equipment in Pilates. The benefits of the Reformer have been recognized by commercial Pilates products, introducing at home Pilates equipment series such as the Pilates Power Gym™. The convenience of having a Reformer in your own home is unlimited! And, Ultimate Pilates Workouts can help!

doggiebesqueUltimate Pilates Workouts
was created to support all the men and women Pilateurs with busy schedules and not enough time to make it to their local Pilates studios. We understand that exercise classes outside of the home are not always the most time and money efficient answer to personal fitness. Pilates at home can be productive both healthfully and financially! Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers practioners of all levels an ever-growing Pilates Workout Library online! And, it’s free to join! Whether you be a fan of Pilates for your lower back pain, athletic cross-training, injury rehabilitation, pregnancy exercises, or general love for the method, we’ve got the perfect workout for you! Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers free and unlimited access to Pilates mat, small equipment, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel workouts (click here for more information on membership grades)! Ultimate Pilates Workouts is perfect for the owner of a Pilates Power Gym™ and offers the benefits of Manhattan’s top Pilates studio in your own home! Select to purchase a workout to be formatted as a DVD, iPod download, or to simply play on your computer screen with an easy click of your mouse!

treeFor instance, start with My First Reformer workout to learn the basics…  Then, enjoy Fit & Fluid to stretch, strengthen, and tone your whole body.  Like a harder workout, or more of a “gym rat workout?  Then try Corps Physique: Gym Rat Reformer Workout or Strengthen and Define for a fast-pace, challenging workout that will invigorate the whole body and sculpt long, lean muscles.  Put a few more sentences at least here….  We know that the spring settings will be different for each manufacturer.  On, we use Stott Pilates® Reformers, but we will help you with spring conversions if you need them for your Pilates Power Gym™.

The deep breathing, stretching, and strengthening associated with Pilates will help you release tension. During your workout, you’ll feel better and more alive. When your workout is done, you’ll feel energized and refreshed. This isn’t the kind of workout that leaves you limp. Instead, you should feel renewed after your workout, ready to tackle the rest of your day!

Visit Ultimate Pilates Workouts today at to get the ultimate workout on your Pilates Power Gym™!


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