Tighter and Taller with CoreAlign® at Pilates on Fifth

I woke up this morning with a tingling tenderness striping my ribs as I curled up to muzzle my alarm. It had been awhile; a fair amount of time since I found myself greeted by evidence of effectively engaging my pectorals and the encompassing serratus anterior. This is partially due to my negligence of exercising the upper body, and consequently, the significant stabilizing muscles that support the shoulder periphery. Why? To be frank: I simply don’t like to. I admit that as a dancer I tend to train the lower body with a dueling interest and inclination for flow. I enjoy exercising with luscious continuity that leaves me feeling longer and leaner.

In between yesterday’s afternoon clients, Katherine and Kimberly Corp invited me to partake in a demo lesson on the studio’s newest contraption, Balanced Body’s CoreAlign. Pilates on Fifth was selected as the New York City headquarters for CoreAlign instructor training, as well as private sessions and group classes for the public. Katherine and Kimberly guided me through a series of gentle but exigent exercises that instantly stimulated the core abdominal and back muscle groups. With muscular firing patterns initiating at the gluteals and hamstrings, CoreAlign triggered an immediate and increased awareness of my backline. This neuromuscular strategy delivered a direct recovery of my alignment from head-to-toe. Moreover, CoreAlign paired postural maintenance with graceful and sinuous circular movements of the arms and legs that satisfied my appetite for fluidity and fun! It was a mere 30-minute taste of a holistic workout residual in the way I am walking and working throughout today.






Feeling tighter and taller, CoreAlign is an excellent fitness companion to clientele of all ages, levels, and lifestyles. Not only is CoreAlign is safely accessible to professional dancers and athletes, but also senior citizens, weekend warrior, post-operative rehabilitation and the usual Pilates devotee.


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The potpourri of Pilates in New York City

treeDo you remember your favorite teacher from high school? If you’re like most people, your favorite teacher significantly influenced your interest in the subject she taught. Well, it’s no surprise that your first Pilates teacher will most likely shape your preferences for one type of Pilates over another — for better or worse!

As for the two of us, we don’t have “Pilates bodies” — and some Pilates teachers we’ve had through the years made us abundantly aware of that fact! I wanted to feel GOOD leaving a session, but instead felt like Quasimodo and wished I’d had a potato sack to hide my deformed, twisted, imperfect body. Of course we both ended up embracing the type of Pilates that was taught to us by a teacher who was open, fun, inspiring, life-affirming, attentive to imbalances but full of compassion and had us feeling really GREAT about our bodies and our potential after the lesson.

If you have tried Pilates and hated it, then by all means, give it another try. Maybe you and the teacher just didn’t “click.” To make this easier for you, we have included some links to some great Pilates studios in the city, all of which teach slightly different styles of Pilates. Of course we’d love to see you at our studio, Pilates on Fifth, but we also know that location and style can be everything, and there are many great Pilates studios here in NYC! Here’s the list….and we know all of these owners and can state confidently that they are exceptionally qualified AND kind individuals who are dedicated to their craft.

LindaFit by Linda Farrell: www.lindafit.com. Linda is a beautiful lady both inside and out and teaches fabulous body-sculpting mat classes throughout the city (just check out her legs if you don’t believe us!) She teaches at Steps, Broadway Dance Center and Equinox among other locations.

Rolates, run by Roberta Kirschenbaum: www.rolates.com. Roberta is kind and wise — a perfect combination for a great Pilates instructor and studio owner. Rolates often conducts innovative, educational workshops and has the added bonus of inhabiting Joseph Pilates’ original studio space!

Pilates Reforming New York, run by husband and wife team Ann Toran and Errol Toran: www.pilatesreformingny.com. Ann delivers challenging core-strengthening, elongating workouts conveniently scheduled throughout the day. Pilates Reforming New York specializes in energizing group reformer classes.

Power Pilates, presided over by Dr. Howard Sichel: www.powerpilates.com. Dr. Sichel and Power Pilates has an amazing team of leaders in the Pilates industry providing high quality instruction at 6 locations throughout New York City and more throughout the country.

So remember….if you tried Pilates once and didn’t like it, please give it another chance! Maybe it isn’t for you, but if you’re reading this, then you’re interested enough to give it another try!

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The perks of working out at Pilates on Fifth

All of us at Pilates on Fifth value the time and efforts of each of our fabulous clients. It’s wonderful to work with individual clients on their individual needs and focus in on their specific fitness goals. Our clients give us so much of their time and energies, and we wanted to give back! As a token of our sincere appreciation for our devoted clientele, we established an exciting new program at the turn of the new year. Each morning a new and different client is pulled from our database as a recipient of a free of charge Pilates on Fifth service! Free privates, free class, free downloads! Our rotating give-away calendar offers an exciting pro-Pilates perk each and every day of the month! And, who doesn’t like free stuff?!

FREE Pilates Private Session!
One-on-one Pilates equipment sessions. Our certified instructors will customize a workout to meet your fitness goals and unique needs. Voted best personal trainers in New York City!

FREE Pilates Plus Mat Class!
All the traditional and essential Pilates mat exercises plus stretch bands, stability balls, Pilates rings, BOSUs and other tools to help you tone your muscles, strengthen your core and feel great!

FREE Pilates Reformer and Chair Class!
The Reformer and Chair are excellent tools to challenge strength and flexibility all at the same time! Each piece of equipment guides its users to fire specific, subtle muscles and therefore, add further muscle tone and improved alignment to your Pilates body.

FREE Pilates on the Go! DVD!
Pilates on the Go! is a dynamic full body Pilates workout which you’ll never get bored doing! Conceived with today’s busy lifestyle in mind, you can select workouts as short as 7 minutes or as long as 110 minutes and can tailor your workouts to meet your individual needs. You can work on abs and arms one day, legs, butt and core the next – or do it all for a great full body workout. With all the options this DVD provides, Pilates on the Go! is a great workout choice for frequent travelers, busy moms or anyone who needs to squeeze workouts in when they can!

FREE Ultimate Pilates Workouts Premier Membership!
Enjoy free and unlimited access to an ever-growing Workout Library designed by Katherine and Kimberly Corp! Your Premier Membership will include:

•    Anytime Access to all Mat, Small Equipment, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel and Specialty Workouts!
•    Create your own workout features!
•    Download any workouts at a fraction of the cost of a DVD!
•    5 free downloads per month
•    20% off purchase of training videos (download or DVD)

FREE Ultimate Pilates Workouts Download!
Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers full-length Pilates workouts from the convenience of your computer! Enjoy free and unlimited access to a well-balanced, strengthening and lengthening workout of your choice! Choose between Pilates Mat, Small Equipment, Large Equipment or Specialty Workouts! Visit www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com today!

FREE EnLIGHTen Private Session!
Body Composition Testing! Chart Your Progress! Fast! Easy! Confidential!
Body composition is a better health measure than weight alone. So Become EnLIGHTened and find out your percentage of body fat and lean mass. A valid, reliable method of measuring body composition with accuracy comparable to the gold standard of underwater weighing has arrived! Bod-E-Comm is a completely safe and non-invasive method of body fat testing which requires no disrobing or discomfort of any kind! After just a few seconds, only YOU see the results AND the computer software gives you a printout with diet and exercise recommendations. We will store your results and then track your progress three months later.

Visit www.PilatesonFifth.com to learn more about our studio and the various pro-Pilates services that it offers! Or, call 212-687-8885 to contact our friendly Front Desk Staff. They can help you with your questions and direct you to the program that best suits your individual needs. A calendar is posted at the Front Desk of the studio with its designated winners and their corresponding prizes. Be sure to check on your way out!

To enjoy the perks of Pilates on Fifth outside of the city, visit www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com. Ultimate Pilates Workouts is the first website of its kind, making full-length Pilates workouts available for free! Customize your own Pilates workout from the convenience of your own home, with the articulate instruction of Manhattan’s top Pilates certifying instructors, Katherine and Kimberly Corp! Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers free Pilates workouts tailored to pregnant clients, seniors, athletes, dancers, injury rehabilitation, breast cancer survivors, and Pilates professionals alike. Log onto Ultimate Pilates Workouts to enjoy free Pilates online today! Find the workout that works with your potential and meets your fitness goals!

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NYC Pilates Instructor Certification

Are you looking for a change? Teaching Pilates professionally may be just the change you’re looking for. The Pilates Academy International, headquartered at Pilates on Fifth, attracts an eclectic group of certification students. The women and men who enroll for our NYC Pilates instructor certification come from a variety of backgrounds.

 Many of our certification students are professional dancers, either current or former. Dance is a highly competitive field; only the lucky few are able to earn a full-time living as professional dancers. When their Broadway shows close sooner than expected, or they grow weary of life on the road doing national tours, teaching Pilates is a wonderful “second career” to fall back on.

Pilates instruction is also a great career for people who discover that they’re allergic to office culture. Working a nine to five office job is not for everyone. Many of our certification students are folks who tried to make a go of office work, but discovered that it was not for them.  And what’s great about being certified through the Pilates Academy International is that you are supported by a website with hundreds of Pilates training DVD’s and over fifty full length Pilates workouts online…. the ultimate resource for a Pilates professional!! 

 At http://www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com/, you’ll find both instruction and inspiration as you embark on your Pilates career.  All the videos are taught by Kimberly and Katherine Corp, the founders of Pilates Academy International and owners of Pilates on Fifth in New York City.  Their style reflects the style of their Pilates certification program as well, aiming to create knowledgeable and compassionate Pilates instructors.  For a small fee (less than $0.72 per day!) you can have access to free downloads of Pilates workouts and free downloads of Pilates training videos.  Or, you can sign up for the basic membership and view all the free online Pilates mat workouts.  It’s like having a free membership to a Pilates studio!

 Teaching Pilates is a fabulous career for people who love people, who love movement, and who love teaching. If you truly love all three, you’ll discover that teaching Pilates really feeds you. You won’t “run out” of things to teach. Rather, you’ll discover that your love for Pilates and your interest in your clients’ improvement inspires you to greater and greater heights. We find Pilates instruction to be both deeply satisfying and personally rewarding. Through your instruction, you can help alleviate people’s pain, raise their spirits, and even lengthen their lives. It’s important work that requires vast knowledge, precise skill, and boundless enthusiasm.

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Pilates and the Secret to Flat Abs

Take a look in the mirror and turn to the side. Pull your naval to your spine as much as you can. (Make sure you don’t expand your ribcage while doing this, just pull your abs in as much as you can.) Is this the way you are doing your abdominal exercises? Or are you allowing the abs to “pop” and pushing out against the abdominal wall? If you want flat abs fast, then pull IN!! Note the two pictures: in Picture A, the subject is pulling in the abdominals. (Some books use the phrase “drawing in”.) Even during Hundreds, the abs remain “IN” with the belly button pinned to the front wall of the spine. Now look at Picture B. The same subject is demonstrating what pushing OUT against the abdominal wall looks like. Do you see the difference? Click here for our podcast on this topic!

Though the aesthetics of flat abs is what we all can see and understand, the real reason for “pulling in” the abdominals is to activate the Transversus Abdominis. The Transversus Abdominis is the deepest layer of the four abdominal muscles and its chief role is to protect the lumbar spine. The fibers of the Transversus Abdominis, or “TA”, run horizontally, encircling the torso like a corset. When engaged, it compresses the abdominal contents and provides support for the lower back. Unlike the three other abdominal muscles (from deepest to most superficial, the internal obliques, the external obliques, and the rectus abdominis), the Transversus Abdominis is a muscle of endurance, not a muscle of strength. Additionally, while the three more superficial muscles mobilize the spine into flexion, lateral flexion and rotation, the TA does not play a part in mobilizing the spine.

The Abdominal Muscles

The Abdominal Muscles

AAAAAAH! What does all this mean?! How do you know whether or not your TA is working? You watch for popping abs! Try this: the next time you are in your favorite Pilates mat class or doing your favorite Pilates DVD and you do the Hundreds, keep an eye on your abdominals (without over-flexing your neck, so glance down only periodically)! Can you keep your belly button pulled to your spine throughout the exercise? Or do your abs pop at some point? If your abs pop, your TA has stopped working.

How do you strengthen your Transversus Abdominis, get those flat abs you want AND protect your lower back in the process? More Pilates!! Actually, that’s not entirely true. Many exercises can become “flat ab exercises” now that you know about the star role of the TA. Remember, the TA is a muscle of ENDURANCE… so you can only increase its endurance (ability to contract over time) and not its strength. Thus, when you discover your abs have popped, you MUST go back to an easier version of the exercise, re-establish, and re-start. For example, if your abs pop halfway through the Hundreds, bend your knees and pull your belly button to the spine to re-establish the connection. Then, you can decide to keep them bent OR to straighten them again ONLY if you can keep the connection!!

So good luck, follow these steps… and say hello to FLAT ABS!

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New York City Pilates Workouts

The New York City Pilates workouts at Pilates on Fifth are more than just effective and inspiring; they’re also safe. Pilates workouts target the body’s core. During your Pilates workout, you’ll exercise the deepest muscles of your abdomen as well as the muscles surrounding and supporting your spine. These areas are prone to injury and fatigue. Consider just how many of us experience lower back pain on a regular basis.

An expert Pilates instructor is able to work these deep core muscles safely and effectively. This intelligent instructor uses Pilates to help her students prevent injuries and pain. Less experienced or knowledgeable Pilates instructors, on the other hand, can actually hurt their clients. If the instructor leading your Pilates workout isn’t certified, or doesn’t have a deep understanding of biomechanics or anatomy, how can you trust her to work out the muscles surrounding your spine? Working out with a mediocre or ignorant Pilates trainer is as ill-advised as visiting an unlicensed physician.

The instructors we hire to teach at Pilates on Fifth are the best in the business; that’s why our New York City Pilates workouts are so safe and so good. As the owners of Pilates on Fifth, we hire only those Pilates instructors with an exceptional knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. All of our Pilates instructors are certified. Like the two of us (the Corp sisters), our other instructors are Pilates experts.

Because our Pilates workouts are so safe and effective, you’ll be able to stick to your exercise program without fail. How many times have you begun exercising, only to quit a month later because it hurt your joints, tendons, or muscles? Pilates will actually protect, strengthen, and rehabilitate these injuries; it certainly won’t exacerbate them. As one of our clients told us, her “lower back pain has decreased dramatically” since beginning her Pilates workouts. As another client told us, “It’s the only time I’ve been so dedicated to fitness.”

And now, with www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com, we bring you nyc pilates straight to your home computer. It’s your one stop shop for free online Pilates workouts. When free Pilates workouts online stream straight from your computer, there is no need to go to a gym or a Pilates studio when you an do at home Pilates workouts without even having to buy a Pilates DVD!

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How much Pilates is enough?

One of the most common questions about starting Pilates that we are asked at our New York City studio is “How often should I do Pilates?”  While frequency of Pilates workouts depends on current fitness level, motivation, ability to devote time to working out, and the other activities that in which one participates, we strongly suggest that to start a Pilates regime, you need to do Pilates at least two times a week for it to be effective.  Learning Pilates is similar to learning a new language, and if there are 6 days between your Pilates lessons, you can easily forget what you’ve learned in the previous lesson!  As proper Pilates form is the key to gaining fantastic results from Pilates workouts, taking the time when you’re starting out to learn the technique with a couple of lessons a week will better guarantee that you will start seeing the trademark signs of a Pilates body in no time:  flat abs, great posture, toned arms, and lean legs!

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