Why We Love Props For Pilates

yespilateshundredswithband-articleFrom exercise bands to BoSUs to stability balls, props can add challenges, assistance or variety to a regular Pilates workout.  The right prop can make a hard exercise easier and a simple exercise extremely challenging! Targeted use of props can also help spice things up for clients who have been practicing Pilates for years and need a little pizzazz thrown into their workout.

So why do we love props?  The first reason is simple and perhaps the most important: props help facilitate the proper execution of an exercise. They help clients achieve neutral, fire into the “right” muscle group and activate dormant muscles that have not been doing their job!  Pads and cushions help clients begin an exercise in as close to neutral alignment as possible, which is essential for a biomechanically correct, pain-free Pilates practice.  We would not survive at our New York studio without pads to place under clients’ heads to bring the cervical spine into proper alignment when supine or cushions for them to sit on to bring the pelvis into neutral.  Pilates Rings and Small Balls between the ankles or knees on certain exercises can help engage inactive inner thigh muscles and help clients deepen their abdominal contraction.  Arc Barrels or BoSUs can be effective teaching tools for prone spinal or hip extension exercises.  Placing the lumbar spine in flexion on the barrel helps deactivate the often over-active erector spinae of the lower back and can help clients isolate the erector spinae of the upper back or activate the hip extensors without going into lumbar extension.

Second, props help build the strength or awareness necessary to perform the “real” exercise properly.  The original Pilates exercises are fabulous and effective on their own, but some people just can’t do them right….yet!  Props can be the stepping stone a client needs to succeed in a Pilates mat environment.   The “Roll Over,” for instance, can be challenging for many individuals who lack either abdominal strength or spinal flexibility (or both)!  By performing the “Roll Over” on an Arc Barrel and beginning with the hips elevated, the client can build the strength necessary to execute the exercise properly without using momentum and jeopardizing the lower back.  Similarly, for those with tight lower backs (such as the authors here), the “Roll Up” can be absolutely lovely holding a 4 lb mini-body bar.  Of course one needs to be careful with the shoulder girdle given the extra weight, but this little bit of extra weight adds leverage where it is needed to assist with articulation of the spine through the tight spot.  As another example, those clients seeking to transition from “Hundreds” with bent knees to “Hundreds” with straight legs but still find maintaining a strong imprint challenging benefit from using an exercise band around the feet.  The band helps support the weight of the legs, and thus allows the abdominal muscles to build the strength necessary to maintain imprint, protect the lower back and support the lower body simultaneously.

Finally, we love props because they introduce muscle confusion training into a Pilates mat workout, which helps any body get more out of their Pilates routine.  Simply put, the muscle confusion training principle states that muscles adapt to a specific type of stress and need to be challenged in varied ways in order to continue experiencing results.  Muscles improve from being subjected to new and different stresses and challenges which is exactly what props can provide.  Athletes cross train for this very reason, as the body benefits overall from allowing certain muscles fibers to rest and others to engage.  Moreover, incorporating props into a Pilates workout can help prevent the well-known plateau effect and even boost clients over a “road block” that keeps them from progressing.  Use of props can kick up the intensity of the workout quite effectively without placing undue strain on the body.  In fact, research shows that something as simple as performing a bench press on a stability ball is 62% more effective than a bench press with the same weight conducted on a regular bench.  (Source)

Pilates props with Katherine and Kimberly CorpFurthermore, muscles performing the same action day after day “get bored” just as clients get bored with the same workout!  Varying a workout ensures that clients continue to see results and stay interested.  Pilates enthusiasts who regularly work out on the Pilates equipment already benefit from the muscle confusion training practice as integrating all equipment into sessions over the course of a week or month allows muscles to perform in different ways each workout.  Thus, just as “Side Bends” activates different muscles groups on the Ladder Barrel, Cadillac and Mat, so to does “the Hundreds” challenge the body in different ways using the Stretch Band, the BoSU and the Pilates Ring.  Focusing on different muscle groups and adding variety will not only enhance core stability, but also turn your Pilates routine into a fabulous cross-training program, which will improve your overall fitness and decrease your risk of injury.  (Source)

With all the props available today, one can quickly become overwhelmed when deciding which props to choose. Is your goal to challenge your client?  Help her do an exercise correctly?  Target his core?  Facilitate better alignment?  Knowing the merits of each prop and which ones best suit your clientele’s objectives is the first step to integrating props successfully into your Pilates workouts.  We have included a chart below to highlight the various benefits, but please keep in mind that the categories are exercise specific!  The exercise band, for example, can assist the “Roll Up” but challenge the “Double Leg Stretch.”  Also, one very dangerous trap to fall into is watching others use props and then copying them in your sessions.  Never EVER use clients as guinea pigs!  Incorporating a prop often changes the emphasis of the exercise, so be sure to try the exercise with the prop first before teaching it to an unsuspecting client.

In conclusion, we offer three basic rules of thumb to follow with regard to incorporating props into Pilates workouts.  First, choose a prop with a specific goal in mind for the client or class you are teaching.  (In other words, do not choose a prop because you, personally, are bored and need some entertainment!)  Second, remember that most clients can focus on one thing at one time.  Thus, multiple props used simultaneously tend to destroy — rather than enhance — the integrity of the exercise.  Though the picture to the right is humorous, you clearly want to avoid this scenario with your clients.  Finally, because props do change the original exercise a bit, be mindful of what is gained — and what could be compromised — with the addition of a prop.  Shoulder Bridge on the BoSU, for example, helps activate the core because of the instability, but the hamstrings may cramp because of the increased effort required to stabilize.

Pilates Props Table

The Pilates repertoire has not only withstood the test of time, it continues to impress and amaze both the fitness and medical worlds with its benefits.  Make sure to honor this system with thoughtful use of props that enhance the client’s overall Pilates experience.


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Attention to details brings success with Pilates

spine-twistWhen very fit individuals come to our studio for their first Pilates experience, we often hear “my abs are really strong and I’m super-fit, so I want a hard workout.” So they take a class or a private, and while the instructor tries to cue them to follow proper technique and work more deeply, their mind is fixed on a “feeling” delivered by another workout and NOT focused on Pilates. So sometimes, Pilates can be a disappointment! Well, by the logic of “my abs are really strong and I’m super fit, so….”, we should walk into a martial arts studio and say “we can kick (from our Rockette days) and we’re strong (thanks to Pilates), so just put us with the black belts.”

That’s hilarious, right?! I hope you got a good laugh out of that. True, “fit” individuals may progress faster than others at a new endeavor, but everyone must adopt a beginner’s mindset when starting a new activity if they want to see results. Though there are exceptions, people who don’t see results, usually didn’t take the time to learn the proper way to do it. Every sport or dance style — or almost every activity, really — has a technique that should be followed to achieve maximum results. From a golf swing to a quarterback’s throw, from a hurdler’s leap to a pirouette, some expert in the field has taken the time to document the proper biomechanics that make the ball go further or the hurdler go faster or the dancer turn beautifully.

This week we’ll focus on different aspects of Pilates technique from pelvic placement to ribs to shoulders, but until then, here are some general tips you can follow:

1. SLOW DOWN! Don’t speed through your Pilates session. Slower is harder. Faster is easier. breathing deeply and fluidly (no grunting!) may help with this.

2. Listen to your instructor and follow their cues. Could you pull your abs in more? Are your shoulders down?

3. Think QUALITY not QUANTITY: are you stretching your legs fully? are you pulling your abs in as much as possible?

4. STOP if something hurts. Pilates is not meant to hurt. If your neck hurts, set your head down. If your hip flexors are gripping, rest.

If you’re just aching to have more info now, please log onto www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com and watch the technique video on the training page. (You must be a “basic member” to do this, but basic membership is absolutely FREE!! Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers free and unlimited access to full-length Pilates workouts! Free Pilates workouts online! Create your own cutomized Pilates DVD! And, it’s perfect for all levels!) And try the Spine Twist….an exercise that seems very simple when done improperly, but when done well, can really make you feel your abs!

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Break it Down!

pai-2Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers the most comprehensive Pilates instructional videos and DVD downloads available online! The simple, effective and exciting approach draws from the technique repertoire of The Pilates Academy International. The Pilates Academy International is New York City’s leading Pilates instructor certification center. Headquartered in New York, and offering satellite certifcation centers worldwide, The Pilates Academy International has a reputation for certifying highly respected and knowledgeable Pilates instructors.

The Pilates Academy International advocates a system that fosters extensive understanding of anatomy and biomechanics. Providing our students with the necessary tools and information regarding the science of the body in turns produces instructors capable of working with clients with injuries and special conditions. Graduates of The Pilates Academy International are sensitive to pregnant, senior, athletic, injured and rehabilitating clients alike. They are also equipped with an extensive set of exercises perfect for strengthening both beginner and advanced students. The Pilates Academy International acknowledges the broad spectrum of Pilates followers and therefore, effective applications of the method.

pai_logoUltimate Pilates Workouts expands on the principals of The Pilates Academy International by making its resources available online. As creators of both The Pilates Academy International and Ultimate Pilates Workouts, we understand that convenience counts too! We realize that many of our clients have busy schedules and cannot always commit to working out at our studio on a regular basis. We empathize with this situation, but believe that personal fitness should be able to find its way into your life both consistently and conveniently! Ultimate Pilates Workouts translates the exercise repertoire of The Pilates Academy International and makes it free to view from the convenience of your own at home computer! Free pilates online! And, pilates at home! With New York City’s top certifying Pilates instructor trainers! Who could ask for more?

How about more personal instruction? Sure! It’s important to execute each Pilates exercises with a clear understanding of its anatomical structure and fitness goal. Therefore, it is essential that each exercise be broken down to get the ultimate Pilates workout! To help you break down Ultimate Pilates Workouts for a fuller understanding of each exercise’s choreography, breath, shape, goals and modifications we’ve made The Pilates Academy International student manuals available to our Ultimate Pilates members!

The Pilates Academy International offers instructional manuals in Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chair, Barrels and Special Conditions. These manuals coincide with the exercises offered on Ultimate Pilates Workouts!

aprThe Pilates Academy International student manual collection is perfect for Pilates instructors looking to brush up on their skills, Pilates certification students preparing for examination (perfect for PAI students!!), and Ultimate Pilates Workouts members looking for further exercise clarification at home. To view Pilates Academy International manual samples online, click here! Browse the list of Pilates Academy International courses offered and their corresponding manuals.

Interested in purchasing your Pilates Academy International manual today? Perfect! Visit the Ultimate Pilates Workouts Shop menu, or click here!

Let us help you break down your Pilates workout with The Pilates Academy International!

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QVC Reformer Workouts Online

When we meet new people, we often get asked many questions about Pilates…. How many times a week they should do it, what Pilates DVD we recommend, if we know of a good Pilates studio in their home town, etc.  People also often share with us that they’ve purchased a QVC Reformer, or Aeropilates Reformer, or Stamina Reformer, and “just aren’t sure what to do with it anymore”.

Once again, Ultimate Pilates Workouts to the rescue!!  We have created over 8 full length Pilates Reformer workouts for the site, ranging from Level I to Level V.  For a low monthly subscription, owners of QVC Reformers can have access to a whole new library of Pilates reformer workouts…. Your own personal QVC Reformer Workout Library!

The QVC Pilates Reformer, as with all Pilates Reformers, is based on a design by Joseph Pilates nearly 100 years ago.  In fact, Pilates’ system was originally created as a Reformer Workout!   Joseph Pilates rehabilitated injured and bedridden soldiers using a variety of large equipment pieces modeled after hospital beds, one of them becoming the Pilates Reformer.  The Pilates Reformer allows users to improve their alignment without gravity. Working out without gravity allows users to strengthen and improve specific parts of their bodies without exacerbating old injuries or reinforcing bad habits.

The Reformer is one of the most important pieces of equipment in Pilates and doing Pilates Reformer workouts with your QVC Reformer or any Pilates Reformer will challenge your strength and flexibility. The Pilates Reformer challenges the body to work in concert–rather than working on individual, very specific parts of the anatomy (as is the case with the Cadillac), the Reformer works on the body as a whole.

Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers a series of cutting-edge reformer workouts perfect for all levels. Designed in Manhattan’s leading pilates studio, Pilates on Fifth, these exercises were created to add fun, variety, and challenge to our clientele! We realized that every body requires different fitness attention, and therefore, we made sure to incorporate a range of workouts that reflect the spectrum of Pilates devotees and their corresponding target areas. And, now Ultimate Pilates Workouts brings New York City’s number one pilates repertoire to the convenience of your own home! Our at home Pilates reformer workouts will tone all the muscles of your body and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated! Sensitive care is taken to balance the spinal movements of our workouts, as well as to stretch and strengthen so you’ll fee better than you did before you started! Select the reformer workouts best for your fitness needs and goals! Ultimate Pilates Workouts brings innovation and excitement to at home pilates and QVC pilates reformer owners interntaionally! Select to purchase a workout to be formatted as a DVD, iPod download, or to simply play on your computer screen with an easy click of your mouse!

For instance, start with My First Reformer Workout to learn the basics…  Then, enjoy Fit & Fluid to stretch, strengthen, and tone your whole body.  Like a harder workout, or more of a “gym rat workout?  Then try Corps Physique: Gym Rat Reformer Workout or Strengthen and Define for a fast-pace, challenging workout that will invigorate the whole body and sculpt long, lean muscles.  Put a few more sentences at least here….  We know that the spring settings will be different for each manufacturer.  On Ultimate Pilates Workouts, we use Stott Pilates® Reformers, but we will help you with spring conversions if you need them for your QVC Reformer.  Just email us at feedback@ultimatepilatesworkouts.com.

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Pilates in Seattle: Ultimate Pilates Workouts Member Profile II

We received this email just the other day from our wonderful cousin, Liz, who does Pilates in Seattle.

“Dear K & K,

I just wanted to let the two of you know you indirectly inspired me to practice Pilates, which I’ve been doing now since October ’05. I do a routine that I put together combining exercises from the Windsor Pilates DVDs, as well as some I found on your website. I mix them up so I am not doing the same routine for every workout.

Just recently I purchased one of those big balls and added that to my Pilates workout, now doing as much of my core work on the ball as possible, and it is great. I’ve also been riding a stationary bike on my off days, which is really the only time I see any TV since I don’t own one.

What I really want to say is, thank you.”

Not only did this testimonial make us smile, but it made us happy to see that Liz is using ultimatepilatesworkouts.com so creatively!! She’s doing everythig right, ans as you can read, it’s a low cost workout regime! Mixing up your Pilates routine will keep the workouts fresh and keep you from hitting a plateau. Also, Liz’s Pilates workout regime is the perfect recipe: “Pilates plus cardio.”

What would your perfect workout be? For many of our clients, and with our cousin Liz, the answer is “Pilates plus cardio.” Our clients love what Pilates does for their bodies –like muscle strengthening, improved posture and alignment, and physical toning– but they miss the fun of a good cardio workout. Balancing Pilates with cardio is the perfect blend to create a long, strong, lean body!!

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Recession Proof your Pilates workouts

dsc005203In an effort to create affordable Pilates for those who love Pilates but have found that the economy has them choosing necessities over Pilates lessons, we’ve come up with two options:  one for at home Pilates workouts, and one for Pilates mat classes and Pilates reformer classes at the studio.  There is no need to forego your favorite Pilates workouts either at home or at your Pilates studio.

We’ll start with the most economical way for doing at home Pilates workouts:  www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com.  The basic membership is absolutely free, and you can enjoy free mat workouts directly from your computer.  It’s like having a free Pilates studio membership or an unlimited supply of free Pilates videos and Pilates DVD’s.  Don’t see a Pilates workout you like?  Don’t be shy!  Email us at feedback@ultimatepilatesworkouts.com with suggestions!

dsc00483At our Manhattan Pilates studio, we’ve created The Streamline Series:  Group mat Pilates classes and group reformer classes at EXTREMELY affordable rates.  With over 15 classes a week in the streamline series, we’re certain that you will find a class that suits your busy schedule without breaking your bank account.

dsc00479We think our New York Pilates mat classes and reformer classes are the best in New York City. They make a fantastic supplement to your private sessions. Mat Pilates Plus classes are affordable and fun. Like Pilates privates, they target the “powerhouse” muscles of the lower back, abs, and buttocks. Because our Pilates instructors are the most qualified in the business, you can be assured of a safe, effective, and challenging workout.

Our instructors all have a great depth and breadth of knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. They know more than just a series of Pilates mat exercises and Pilates reformer exercises; they know how each of these exercises affects specific parts of your anatomy. As Pilates becomes more and more popular, Pilates studios and Pilates programs are popping up all over the place. Since no regulation board exists to monitor Pilates certifications, almost anyone can become a “professional” instructor. We dislike this “anything goes” climate, which is why we’re so picky about hiring only the most experienced, educated Pilates instructors, all of whom have been fully certified by Pilates Academy International or by STOTT PILATES®.

dsc00502Pilates on Fifth is located at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street in a wonderful landmark building. Our sun-filled studios are located in the penthouse, 22 stories above the busy streets below. Because of our convenient location, we attract clients from a number of different areas. Some of our clients commute to our studio from their homes in Connecticut or New Jersey, while others swing by Pilates on Fifth before or after work.

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Pilates in Portugal –Ultimate Pilates Workouts Member Profile 1

We have decided to profile the fabulous users of UltimatePilatesWorkouts.com on an ongoing basis. We are choosing people who inspire us and cause us to think about making our lives a little more meaningful.

Our first profile is GEORGE, who is currently living in Mertola, Portugal. George introduced himself to us via this email:


“Hi Girls, I came onto your site via i-Tunes and love it. I am 67 yo and have lived full time on a sailboat for 16 yrs. All I own is a boat and a bike. It is important for me to keep a strong body with my life style, so your workouts are fun for me to follow. I have a yoga mat and a stability ball onboard. Presently I am in a 2000 yo village in Mertola, Portugal. The next time I sail back to the US I will come into NY Harbor and come for a visit. Regards, George”

WOW!! A stability ball on board??? Truly, neither of us can imagine doing our “Get on the Ball!” workout on a boat!!… Now THAT’S core stability. We are looking forward to him sailing into New York and visiting us at Pilates on Fifth. However, we were trying to figure out how George can even think about Pilates when he has such beautiful scenery to gaze at all day long, and so we emailed him.



When we emailed George to tell him that we wanted to profile him on our blog, we also asked him if he had anything else he wanted to share, and here it is:

“Hey Katherine and Kimberly,

What I have learned;

To live simply is to live well.

What does it take to live at sea? Think about love, self reliance, duty, thrift, character and imagine the best way to thrive instead of just survive.

Of course to live this life without a support system to take care of me, I do some sort of core training everyday and eat a Mediterranean style diet, which is my health insurance. Also living outdoors all the time and eating foods of the world I feel has strengthened my immune system, so that I don’t suffer from colds or flus.

Without adventurers our society will decay. I want to inspire people of spirit to venture where they will and tolerate no hindrance to their seeking.

I believe that in these times of a troubled economy, with people visibly shaken by diminished wealth and future uncertainty I hope this will inspire some to think about a life without bigger hi-way and bridges to move us faster from one crisis to the next. Maybe we should move backwards 100 yrs to a life free of cars, type II diabetes, heart attacks, and stress.

The two guys in the bar in the Alentejo, Pt were in their 90’s and never owned a car only a burro.

Photo of me in Iceland on my 2 year voyage above the Atlantic Circle.

Best and keep up the good vibes you supply those that see your pod casts, George”

Isn’t that great? At first we were going to include pieces of it, but we didn’t want to leave out a thing! We were both moved and inspired by George’s words, and so we wanted to share it with all of you.

If you have a story that you’d like to share with us, please email us at feedback@ultimatepilatesworkouts.com. We look forward to hearing your responses and sharing them with our fabulous Pilates community!

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Pilates Reformer Classes In New York City

dsc00409We think Pilates on Fifth is the perfect setting for Pilates Reformer classes in New York City. Pilates on Fifth is located at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street, 22 stories above the ground in a sun-filled, spacious penthouse. Our location is convenient to Manhattanites and commuters alike. Whether you are coming to us from Connecticut or New Jersey, Chelsea or the Upper East Side, our convenient location will make us easy to reach.

Pilates on Fifth’s new Streamline Series offers group Pilates mat classes, group equipment classes and Solo Workout services at a 25% discount! This new series fuses Manhattan’s top Pilates studio and its uncompared services with affordable rates for its valued clients. The Streamline Series includes a broad range of classes and visit types available to all levels -beginner and advanced Pilates practicioners alike! Visit www.pilatesonfifth.com today for more information on the Streamline Series best for you! Also be sure to check out our Class Schedule available online!

Pilates on Fifth is an oasis for so many of our clients. This is the place where you can come to do something good for you. One of the terrific things about Pilates is that it actually feels good while you’re doing it. Yes, its long-term effects will dramatically improve your physical and even your emotional health. But its short-term effects are pretty terrific, too.

dsc00448During your Pilates, GYROTONIC®, or CARDIOLATES® class, you’ll be asked to focus completely on the task at hand. Whatever occupies your thoughts all day will be put aside for the moment. When you’re here with us, we ask you not to think about your work day, your kids, or any of the myriad errands or responsibilities you have to tend to. We ask you to concentrate entirely on yourself, your body, and your workout.

The deep breathing, stretching, and strengthening associated with Pilates will help you release tension. During your workout, you’ll feel better and more alive. When your workout is done, you’ll feel energized and refreshed. This isn’t the kind of workout that leaves you limp. Instead, you should feel renewed after your class or private, ready to tackle the rest of your day.

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New York City’s Pilates Studio

At Pilates on Fifth, we are both firmly rooted in Pilates’ admirable past and actively taking part in developing its future. It may come as a surprise to our clients who have only recently heard of Pilates, but this exercise technique is nearly 100 years old. Pilates was developed in England during WWI by a German national named Joseph Pilates. In the many decades since its creation, Pilates has been used by professional dancers, like Martha Graham and George Balanchine, as well as professional athletes of every stripe. Pilates is also very popular with fitness-savvy people looking for an extraordinary workout.

The instructors who teach at Pilates on Fifth are Pilates experts. They understand anatomy and biomechanics, are fully certified, and are highly experienced in using all the equipment, small exercise pieces, and so on. They have great respect for Pilates’ rich history.

On the other hand, we also have our eyes turned toward Pilates’ future. This attitude helps distinguish us as one of the most innovative NYC Pilates studios today. We believe that our proprietary exercise system, CARDIOLATES®, is one of the most exciting things to happen in Pilates since its creation.

Here at Pilates on Fifth, we really listen to our clients. One of the things our clients kept telling us is that they wished their Pilates workouts could also provide a cardiovascular workout. With this goal in mind, Pilates on Fifth owners Katherine and Kimberly Corp developed CARDIOLATES®, a fun, challenging discipline that combines heart-pumping cardio with lengthening, strengthening Pilates.

We also understand that our clients have busy lives and cannot always make it into the studio. That’s why we launched “Ultimate Pilates Workouts!” (www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com.) Ultimate Pilates Workouts brings the fundamental awareness of the body and comprehensive instruction we value at Pilates on Fifth to the convenience of your own home! With new workouts added on a regular basis, Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers a wide range of fun, full-length Pilates workouts for all levels! And, it’s free to join! Enjoy a variety of Pilates mat, small equipment, and specialty workouts for free! Free Pilates online! With unlimited access! You can also infuse Pilates reformer, cadillac, chair, and barrel workouts into your Ultimate Pilates Workouts repertoire! We’ve also taken the notable Pilates Academy International training program to Ultimate Pilates Workouts, offering our members the opportunity to download specific exercises complete with demonstration and thorough instruction. Ultimate Pilates Workouts is the product of our exeperiences with our fabulous clientele at Pilates on Fifth, inspiring a series of workouts tailored to individuals with injuries, pregnancy, lower back pain, seniors, athletes, dancers, and the everyday Pilates enthusiasts alike!

Join Ultimate Pilates Workouts today to pick out the workout series best for you by visiting www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com! Or come visit us at our Manhattan studio, Pilates on Fifth! We’re located at 501 Fifth Avenue on the 22nd Floor. Visit www.pilatesonfifth.com to check out our ongoing class schedule or to schedule your own custom private today! And, don’t forget to spice up your workout with some cardio, with our CARDIOLATES® program!

We look forward to meeting you!

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New York City Pilates Workouts

The New York City Pilates workouts at Pilates on Fifth are more than just effective and inspiring; they’re also safe. Pilates workouts target the body’s core. During your Pilates workout, you’ll exercise the deepest muscles of your abdomen as well as the muscles surrounding and supporting your spine. These areas are prone to injury and fatigue. Consider just how many of us experience lower back pain on a regular basis.

An expert Pilates instructor is able to work these deep core muscles safely and effectively. This intelligent instructor uses Pilates to help her students prevent injuries and pain. Less experienced or knowledgeable Pilates instructors, on the other hand, can actually hurt their clients. If the instructor leading your Pilates workout isn’t certified, or doesn’t have a deep understanding of biomechanics or anatomy, how can you trust her to work out the muscles surrounding your spine? Working out with a mediocre or ignorant Pilates trainer is as ill-advised as visiting an unlicensed physician.

The instructors we hire to teach at Pilates on Fifth are the best in the business; that’s why our New York City Pilates workouts are so safe and so good. As the owners of Pilates on Fifth, we hire only those Pilates instructors with an exceptional knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. All of our Pilates instructors are certified. Like the two of us (the Corp sisters), our other instructors are Pilates experts.

Because our Pilates workouts are so safe and effective, you’ll be able to stick to your exercise program without fail. How many times have you begun exercising, only to quit a month later because it hurt your joints, tendons, or muscles? Pilates will actually protect, strengthen, and rehabilitate these injuries; it certainly won’t exacerbate them. As one of our clients told us, her “lower back pain has decreased dramatically” since beginning her Pilates workouts. As another client told us, “It’s the only time I’ve been so dedicated to fitness.”

And now, with www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com, we bring you nyc pilates straight to your home computer. It’s your one stop shop for free online Pilates workouts. When free Pilates workouts online stream straight from your computer, there is no need to go to a gym or a Pilates studio when you an do at home Pilates workouts without even having to buy a Pilates DVD!

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