The New Year and Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!

Now is the time of year that everyone flocks back to the gym, the personal trainer, the Pilates class, or the yoga studio after weeks, or even months of abandoning the regular “routine”.  At our Pilates studio, we too are jumping on the Resolution bandwagon with the implementation & promotion of “Fit & Fabulous in 50 Days!”, assuming, of course that 50 days would be about the time it takes to make a lifestyle change.  Actually, it’s very easy to resolve to make a change, either by deleting or adding something to our lifestyle, but how easy is it to MAKE the change?

Well, we decided to do a little poking around, and we found a number of sources that stated, and with a great deal of “authority” at that, that it takes 21 to 28 days to change a habit.  By this logic, if all of us can just stick with our new routines, whatever they may be, until January 31 or so, then we’ll have no problem keeping our resolutions until the end of the year.   …Yeah, right!  We all know that it’s not so easy!!

So, we continued to search for other articles about habits, and habit forming, and we came across this one (click here!) We highly suggest that you read it, but this article sites a study in which it took some participants UP TO 245 DAYS to change their habits!!!!  The average was around 66 days.  Well, if 66 is the average, then maybe we’re not too far off with our 50 day plan!

At our studio, because we offer not only Pilates (Pilates mat classes and Pilates Reformer classes, yay!), but also XTEND™, CARDIOLATES®, GYROTONIC®, and ActivCore, we figure we have enough in one location to keep even the most ardent sufferers of ADD satisfied and entertained!  Couple that with the whole idea of muscle confusion that has become popular, and our New Year’s Resolution plan should really kick off the New Year right!!

We’re actually looking for 10-12 people who want to be case studies at our Manhattan Pilates studio!  If you are interested, please send an email to and please put PILATES NYC in the subject line!!


Katherine & Kimberly


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Key to the Core II: Core is more about just the Abdominal Muscles

core-strengthThe other day we googled “Pilates and lower back pain”, expecting to find a myriad of articles about how Pilates helps alleviate lower back pain.  To our surprise, the article which really captured attention was titled, “Is Pilates Bad for your Back?” (click here for the entire article with comments.) Most of us know that if Pilates is done incorrectly, then it may exacerbate lower back pain, but this article delved further, into Pilates’ emphasis on the role of the Transversus Abdominis and Multifidus.

When we first read the article, our initial reaction was a bit of incredulousness, as we thought that surely Pilates instructors both realize the importance of the full gamut of core muscles and cue accordingly, but the writers of this article seem convinced that Pilates instructors ONLY cue the transversus abdominis.  NOT SO, we say!!  Let’s face it, can you do ANYTHING just by engaging your transversus abdominis and deep pelvic floor muscles?  Aside from “drawing in” your abs and drawing up your pelvic floor muscles (as in Kegel exercises), the answer is unequivocally “no!”, as neither the Transversus Abdominis nor Pelvic Floor Muscles have any directional pull on bones.  They are muscles of endurance and contract tonically.

Now, as Pilates instructors, we all get in the habit of cueing the Transversus Abdominis, Obliques and Pelvic Floor Muscles in lieu of the Rectus Abdominis, Gluteus Maximus and other musculature because oftentimes our clients are often overusing those muscles anyway.  They simply don’t need to be cued…. that doesn’t mean they are not needed to perform the exercise!  Take the core challenge test, which we featured in our first, Key to the Core Blog (9/14/2008), and try to use ONLY your Transversus Abdominis and Pelvic Floor Muscles…. IMPOSSIBLE!!

There are quite a few AMAZING articles about core strength on the internet, so we could not possibly highlight all of them at once.  So, we’ll start with one of the more popular sites,  They feature a GREAT article on core strength, entitled, “Core Training -Good Core Training Takes More Than Ab Exercise” (click here to read article.) Once again, we encourage you to read the whole article, but, in summary, this article supports the concept that pure core stability consists of not only strengthening the core abdominal muscles, but also strengthening the muscles that improve the functional coordination of the spine, the pelvis and the hips.  Specifically, in addition to the abdominal muscles, multifidus and erector spinae, the writer mentions the hip flexors (yes, all of them), the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus,  the hip adductors, the hamstrings, and piriformis.  The article states “In other words,

“the goal of core stability is to maintain a solid, foundation and transfer energy from the center of the body out to the limbs.”  Fiona Troup, a physiotherapist and qualified Pilates instructor at the Sports & Spinal Clinic, Harley Street, quoted in the first article, concurs, stating, “a strong back means a combination of strong muscles in the buttocks, spinal area and shoulders not just a well-developed core area”.

So, with this new knowledge, as you’re doing your Pilates workouts, think not only of the muscles of the abdomen, but also all the surrounding musculature, working on balancing the muscle groups and creating a well-functioning body with a strong core as well as strong hips, shoulders, arms and legs!!  We recommend “Power and Precision Mat Workouts 30 or 45 minutes,” “Challenge Your Core Reformer Workout,” and “Power Chair Workout” on Ultimate Pilates Workouts (!

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Pilates for two: Spice up your workout! part 2

couples-outer-thigh-tonerEarlier this week, we showed you a great exercise to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles.  Today we’ll show you an exercise for toning the outer thighs.  Even though the men might not be as eager to tone the outer thighs as women, this exercise also challenges and improves balance.

Here’s how to execute the outer thigh toner exercise:

Start Position:  Stand next to each other with a stretch band tied around the outside ankle.  Stand far enough away so that the band is not too loose to start (but not too tight!)  Pull in the abs, lengthen through your spine and inhale to prepare.

Exhale and maintain your balance as you lift the outside leg to the side.

couples-outer-thigh-toner-2Inhale, lower the leg back to the start position (but no need to transfer full weight to the leg as you will be repeating the movement!)

Exhale, repeat, trying not to maintian perfect balance for 8-10 repetitions.  Repeat with the other leg.

Remember, exercises with the stretch band require cooperation and teamwork!  By working on control and focusing on precision, you can both tone your muscles….without knocking each other over!

Want to do more workouts together?  Log onto for lots of FREE full-length Pilates videos online.

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Pilates and weight loss, part 3

obliques-roll-downThis week we have been discussing Pilates, weight loss and the factors that contribute to weight loss.  Stress is often cited as a cause of weight gain — or weight loss — and Pilates is often cited as a stress-reducing exercise system.  So today we will explore the effects stress has on the body and how Pilates can help.

After sifting through all the information available on the internet regarding stress and weight fluctuations, we came to one conclusion:  doctors and researchers disagree on the exact hormonal changes stress induces in the body that could lead to changes in weight.  In short, some believe stress increases cortisol levels which causes weight gain.  But according to the Mayo Clinic, “…there is no evidence that the amount of cortisol produced by a healthy individual under stress is enough to cause weight gain.”  In fact, popular diet pills which claimed to be “cortisol blockers” were recently banned by the FDA for unsubstantiated claims of weight loss, and the companies were forced to pay millions in consumer refunds.  For a review of other diet pills by the Mayo Clinic, click here.

Other sites discuss stress-induced insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome as additional causes of weight gain.  Undoubtedly, stress is damaging to the body, but each individual has his/her own unique health concerns and his/her own predispositions to certain health issues.  Thus, we have included links to the additional information, but would prefer to focus on that which the experts DO agree!

scissorsMost researchers, physicians and nutritionists agree that “emotional eating” or “nervous eating” remains the true reason stress leads to weight gain.  While some respond to stress by NOT eating, many of us reach for the chocolate chip cookie or the entire bag of chips in times of stress.  Because eating healthily — like choosing the carrot sticks over the candy bar — can feel like punishment to the overworked, exhausted, frazzled body, we seek to “take care of ourselves” with food that instantly gratifies us and makes us say “life is good after all!”  The desire to take care of one’s self is a positive act, yet the choices made usually are not the best for the body in the long run.

The good news:  Pilates can help keep stress in check!  It can be hard to shift your thinking to viewing exercise as a reward and a gift you give to yourself, but our suggestion is simple — give it a try!  Wouldn’t it be worth it if you slept better or felt better about yourself after your workout?  Try the Renew and Revitalize Workout from for an energizing, core strengthening workout, or the Strength and Challenge Workout for a more challenging routine that will surely release excess stress!

If you’re struggling with cravings, unfortunately, there is no easy solution.  Try a Hershey’s Kiss instead of the entire candy bar, or buy a smaller bag of chips if you fear you’ll devour a large bag before you know it.  Satisfying a craving is not the problem…the degree to which one satisfies a craving usually is!  You just have to decide “will eating this make me more or less happy in the long run…..”

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The perks of working out at Pilates on Fifth

All of us at Pilates on Fifth value the time and efforts of each of our fabulous clients. It’s wonderful to work with individual clients on their individual needs and focus in on their specific fitness goals. Our clients give us so much of their time and energies, and we wanted to give back! As a token of our sincere appreciation for our devoted clientele, we established an exciting new program at the turn of the new year. Each morning a new and different client is pulled from our database as a recipient of a free of charge Pilates on Fifth service! Free privates, free class, free downloads! Our rotating give-away calendar offers an exciting pro-Pilates perk each and every day of the month! And, who doesn’t like free stuff?!

FREE Pilates Private Session!
One-on-one Pilates equipment sessions. Our certified instructors will customize a workout to meet your fitness goals and unique needs. Voted best personal trainers in New York City!

FREE Pilates Plus Mat Class!
All the traditional and essential Pilates mat exercises plus stretch bands, stability balls, Pilates rings, BOSUs and other tools to help you tone your muscles, strengthen your core and feel great!

FREE Pilates Reformer and Chair Class!
The Reformer and Chair are excellent tools to challenge strength and flexibility all at the same time! Each piece of equipment guides its users to fire specific, subtle muscles and therefore, add further muscle tone and improved alignment to your Pilates body.

FREE Pilates on the Go! DVD!
Pilates on the Go! is a dynamic full body Pilates workout which you’ll never get bored doing! Conceived with today’s busy lifestyle in mind, you can select workouts as short as 7 minutes or as long as 110 minutes and can tailor your workouts to meet your individual needs. You can work on abs and arms one day, legs, butt and core the next – or do it all for a great full body workout. With all the options this DVD provides, Pilates on the Go! is a great workout choice for frequent travelers, busy moms or anyone who needs to squeeze workouts in when they can!

FREE Ultimate Pilates Workouts Premier Membership!
Enjoy free and unlimited access to an ever-growing Workout Library designed by Katherine and Kimberly Corp! Your Premier Membership will include:

•    Anytime Access to all Mat, Small Equipment, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel and Specialty Workouts!
•    Create your own workout features!
•    Download any workouts at a fraction of the cost of a DVD!
•    5 free downloads per month
•    20% off purchase of training videos (download or DVD)

FREE Ultimate Pilates Workouts Download!
Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers full-length Pilates workouts from the convenience of your computer! Enjoy free and unlimited access to a well-balanced, strengthening and lengthening workout of your choice! Choose between Pilates Mat, Small Equipment, Large Equipment or Specialty Workouts! Visit today!

FREE EnLIGHTen Private Session!
Body Composition Testing! Chart Your Progress! Fast! Easy! Confidential!
Body composition is a better health measure than weight alone. So Become EnLIGHTened and find out your percentage of body fat and lean mass. A valid, reliable method of measuring body composition with accuracy comparable to the gold standard of underwater weighing has arrived! Bod-E-Comm is a completely safe and non-invasive method of body fat testing which requires no disrobing or discomfort of any kind! After just a few seconds, only YOU see the results AND the computer software gives you a printout with diet and exercise recommendations. We will store your results and then track your progress three months later.

Visit to learn more about our studio and the various pro-Pilates services that it offers! Or, call 212-687-8885 to contact our friendly Front Desk Staff. They can help you with your questions and direct you to the program that best suits your individual needs. A calendar is posted at the Front Desk of the studio with its designated winners and their corresponding prizes. Be sure to check on your way out!

To enjoy the perks of Pilates on Fifth outside of the city, visit Ultimate Pilates Workouts is the first website of its kind, making full-length Pilates workouts available for free! Customize your own Pilates workout from the convenience of your own home, with the articulate instruction of Manhattan’s top Pilates certifying instructors, Katherine and Kimberly Corp! Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers free Pilates workouts tailored to pregnant clients, seniors, athletes, dancers, injury rehabilitation, breast cancer survivors, and Pilates professionals alike. Log onto Ultimate Pilates Workouts to enjoy free Pilates online today! Find the workout that works with your potential and meets your fitness goals!

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Pilates DVD Library –all online!

At Pilates on Fifth, our fabulous instructors know just how to keep classes fun, interesting, and effective, and now we’re delivering the essence of Pilates on Fifth straight to your home computer with a full line of Pilates DVD’s… all available online at!  Whether you do Pilates Mat DVD’s, Pilates Reformer DVD’s or Pilates Chair DVD’s, you can be sure that your Pilates workout will engage your mind and your sense of fun, as well as the deep, core muscles of your body. One of the ways our instructors keep their mat classes interesting is the use of small equipment and props.

Props, such as stability balls, elastic bands, foam rollers, and arc barrels, improve our classes in a number of ways. First, small pieces of equipment help “level the playing field.” Advanced students will find that props like stability balls help keep their Pilates classes challenging. New students will find that props improve their understanding of the exercises. For instance, using a stability ball can help a client “find” the right muscles to use. Using equipment helps “fire your muscles” in exactly the right spot. Props are essential to Pilates workouts of all levels! Pilates for seniors, athletes, dancers, pregnant women, clients recovering from injuries, and the everyday Pilates enthusiast alike! That’s why we’ve integrated Pilates props into Ultimate Pilates Workouts! We’ve designed full-length Pilates DVD’s specific to each prop for a number of different conditions. Choose from Pilates DVD’s custom designed for the ultimate Pilates Stretch Band, Pilates Stability Ball, Pilates Small BallPilates Magic CircleBOSU and Mini Body Bar workout! You’ll never get tired of Ultimate Pilates Workouts with the variety of Pilates Stretch Band DVD’s, Pilates Stability Ball DVD’s, etc, etc, to choose from!

Firing your muscles correctly empowers you to do the exercises correctly. Our instructors are sticklers for good technique; the better your technique, the better your results will be. When you enjoy a Mat Pilates Plus class in our sun-filled penthouse studio in New York City, you will improve everything from your flexibility to your balance to your core strength. You’ll even improve your bone density. Pilates aids in the process of improving a number of different health conditions. At Pilates on Fifth, we advocate Pro-Health Pilates! Our Pro-Health Pilates program incorporates custom Pilates instruction for Breast Cancer Survivors with our Pink Ribbon Pilates and heart health with our CARDIOLATES® just to name a few! Our instructors are well equipped to design workouts specific to clients with osteoporosis, spinal conditions, hip/knee replacements, abdominal surgeries, torn rotator cuffs, and neck injuries. We strongly believe in Pilates for bettering the health of its followers. Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers a fabulous collection of DVD’s specific to special populations and injuries. Enjoy Pilates for Lower Back Care DVD’s, Pink Ribbon Pilates DVD’s, Pre-Natal Pilates DVD’s and more from the convenience of your own home!

We look forward to bringing quality Pilates workouts to the convenience of your own home! Visit to browse through our extensive and inexpensive Pilates DVD library today!

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Pilates for Lower Back Pain

If you have lower back pain, Pilates may be an ideal form of exercise. Pilates is a very safe, low-to-no impact exercise system. It targets the core muscles of the body, including the deep muscles of the abdomen, lower back, and buttocks. By strengthening the muscles which surround and support your spine, you’ll lessen back pain, reduce neck and shoulder stiffness, improve your posture, increase your energy, and boost your spine health.

We were actually amazed when we typed “causes of lower back pain” into the Google search box. Over 3,770,000 search results exist!!!! By just glancing at the articles that pop up on the first page yields an enormous amount of facts and figures. For example, did you know that Americans spend over $50 billion a year in their efforts to alleviate low back pain? (Click here to read further)…. or that most lower back pain is “triggered by some combination of overuse, muscle strain, and injury to the muscles, ligaments, and discs that support the spine. Many experts believe that over time muscle strain can lead to an overall imbalance in the spinal structure. This leads to a constant tension on the muscles, ligaments, bones, and discs, making the back more prone to injury or reinjury.” (Click here to read further)

Choosing the right Pilates studio is important for any client, but it’s crucial for clients with back injuries or lower back pain. You absolutely must choose only those instructors and Pilates trainers who are trained to work with injuries, special populations, and low back pain. First and foremost, find a teacher with a Pilates certification from a robust program. A piece of paper saying that a trainer is “certified” is nearly worthless unless you know where the trainer studied. At Pilates on Fifth, we hire only the most knowledgeable, experienced Pilates teachers. In fact, we’re what you might call Pilates perfectionists. Since we have devoted our lives to studying the biomechanics, history, and techniques of Pilates, along with anatomy and kinesiology, we only want to hire instructors who have achieved this same level of skill. We don’t hire mere Pilates enthusiasts; we hire Pilates experts. With the advent of the ActivCore ( system in January 2009, Pilates on Fifth offers a revolutionary means of strengthening not only the core, but also the muscles surrounding the spine hips and pelvis to increase functional coordination and further alleviate lower back pain.

As part of our commitment to producing the best possible Pilates instructors, Pilates on Fifth owners Kimberly and Katherine Corp created the Pilates Academy International in 2006. The Academy trains and certifies students in Pilates instruction from a medically based perspective. The Academy currently has locations in 13 cities nationally and six cities internationally. Here, certification students can study the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Arc Barrel, and Pilates mat techniques for both general and specialized populations. More specifically, they have developed Pilates workshops such as “Pilates for Lower Back Pain”, as well as Pilates workouts for their free online Pilates workouts website, such as “Morning Low Back Care workout”, and “My First Pilates Workout“, both of which can be found at

Works Cited:

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Pilates in Seattle: Ultimate Pilates Workouts Member Profile II

We received this email just the other day from our wonderful cousin, Liz, who does Pilates in Seattle.

“Dear K & K,

I just wanted to let the two of you know you indirectly inspired me to practice Pilates, which I’ve been doing now since October ’05. I do a routine that I put together combining exercises from the Windsor Pilates DVDs, as well as some I found on your website. I mix them up so I am not doing the same routine for every workout.

Just recently I purchased one of those big balls and added that to my Pilates workout, now doing as much of my core work on the ball as possible, and it is great. I’ve also been riding a stationary bike on my off days, which is really the only time I see any TV since I don’t own one.

What I really want to say is, thank you.”

Not only did this testimonial make us smile, but it made us happy to see that Liz is using so creatively!! She’s doing everythig right, ans as you can read, it’s a low cost workout regime! Mixing up your Pilates routine will keep the workouts fresh and keep you from hitting a plateau. Also, Liz’s Pilates workout regime is the perfect recipe: “Pilates plus cardio.”

What would your perfect workout be? For many of our clients, and with our cousin Liz, the answer is “Pilates plus cardio.” Our clients love what Pilates does for their bodies –like muscle strengthening, improved posture and alignment, and physical toning– but they miss the fun of a good cardio workout. Balancing Pilates with cardio is the perfect blend to create a long, strong, lean body!!

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Recession Proof your Pilates workouts

dsc005203In an effort to create affordable Pilates for those who love Pilates but have found that the economy has them choosing necessities over Pilates lessons, we’ve come up with two options:  one for at home Pilates workouts, and one for Pilates mat classes and Pilates reformer classes at the studio.  There is no need to forego your favorite Pilates workouts either at home or at your Pilates studio.

We’ll start with the most economical way for doing at home Pilates workouts:  The basic membership is absolutely free, and you can enjoy free mat workouts directly from your computer.  It’s like having a free Pilates studio membership or an unlimited supply of free Pilates videos and Pilates DVD’s.  Don’t see a Pilates workout you like?  Don’t be shy!  Email us at with suggestions!

dsc00483At our Manhattan Pilates studio, we’ve created The Streamline Series:  Group mat Pilates classes and group reformer classes at EXTREMELY affordable rates.  With over 15 classes a week in the streamline series, we’re certain that you will find a class that suits your busy schedule without breaking your bank account.

dsc00479We think our New York Pilates mat classes and reformer classes are the best in New York City. They make a fantastic supplement to your private sessions. Mat Pilates Plus classes are affordable and fun. Like Pilates privates, they target the “powerhouse” muscles of the lower back, abs, and buttocks. Because our Pilates instructors are the most qualified in the business, you can be assured of a safe, effective, and challenging workout.

Our instructors all have a great depth and breadth of knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. They know more than just a series of Pilates mat exercises and Pilates reformer exercises; they know how each of these exercises affects specific parts of your anatomy. As Pilates becomes more and more popular, Pilates studios and Pilates programs are popping up all over the place. Since no regulation board exists to monitor Pilates certifications, almost anyone can become a “professional” instructor. We dislike this “anything goes” climate, which is why we’re so picky about hiring only the most experienced, educated Pilates instructors, all of whom have been fully certified by Pilates Academy International or by STOTT PILATES®.

dsc00502Pilates on Fifth is located at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street in a wonderful landmark building. Our sun-filled studios are located in the penthouse, 22 stories above the busy streets below. Because of our convenient location, we attract clients from a number of different areas. Some of our clients commute to our studio from their homes in Connecticut or New Jersey, while others swing by Pilates on Fifth before or after work.

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A Great Review of

As we embarked upon the world of blogging, we started reading other fitness blogs just to see what the whole thing was about.  We stumbled upon a number of blogs, and one that we really loved is Every Gym’s Nightmare (, written by Kelly Turner.

Her fitness blog is fabulous…. It’s not a Pilates blog per se, but it’s a super fun read and very informative.  She offers a great perspective to the fitness world on the sometimes delicate balance between a healthy focus on diet & exercise as opposed to a fanatical one.  Because we liked her blog so much, we asked her to review on her site.  Happily, she didn’t take as much convincing as others that we really offer free Pilates workouts online!  She jumped right in, and here’s an excerpt from her blog:

“I started with the beginner video, because I am a beginner at Pilates. I know I’m in shape, and am usually prone to jumping into advanced things before I know the basics, but decided to do this properly and learn the fundamentals.

The cueing was perfect. Instead of becoming confused trying to figure out on my own if I was doing an exercise properly, I knew exactly where I should be feeling things and what motion I was trying to achieve. I’m a trainer, I know how hard it is to cue for the core, but with Katherine’s direction, I knew exactly what to do.

…Pilates is perfect for focusing on your core, and how to engage, and keep it engaged, throughout all the exercises. It’s a full body, low impact, flexibility and strength workout. I’m hooked.

It’s the perfect melding between a good sweaty workout and yoga. I get my flexbility and calming effect, while appeasing my gym side with reps and muscle fatigue.

I really recommend this site for all levels: beginners to test the waters for free and see if they like it, and the most advanced Pilatuers (pronounced pi-la-tooooooors) for great downloads of workout with equipment and the Reformer…”

But don’t just read this!  Go to Kelly’s blog and read the entire review.  While you’re on her site, make sure you bookmark her site and sign up for her email alerts.  Kelly holds weekly give aways (yes, free stuff!), and she makes it very easy for her readers to submit to win.  You also might learn something in the process!

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